Karen‘s husband is at it again.

This time, he takes the form of a CEO who hurled a series of racist comments at a bartender. Of course, after a video of the incident went viral, the man is now claiming that he’s not racist.

According to The Fresno Bee, Jason Wood was on a business trip to Fresno when he visited the Out of the Barrel Taproom. The victim of his insults, Rebecca Hernandez, wrote in an Instagram post that Wood refused to wear a face mask in the venue in order to protect against COVID-19. Hernandez said that employees made multiple attempts to have Wood wear a mask but after he refused, the employees tried to cut him off from purchasing anymore alcohol and they asked him to leave.

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This caused Wood to become belligerent and in a recorded video of the incident he called Hernandez a “dark-haired dumbass, sand ni**er motherf*cker.” At one point, when Hernandez made a call to have Wood removed, he said “I’m leaving. Don’t worry about me. Don’t worry about me, Saudi Arabia.” When Hernandez asks Wood what he said, he replies, “You’re fu**ing stupid like they are.”

Hernandez wrote in her Instagram post that prior to the video recording, Wood even tried to “bribe” the Out of the Barrel staff, saying he’d “give us $100 if we just poured him a beer.” The staff turned down Wood’s offer, says Hernandez. In an interview with the Bee, Hernandez admitted that Wood was drunk.

“Two female bartenders telling a middle-aged, white man he can’t have something he wants and he can’t buy it either must have really hurt his ego,” Hernandez wrote in her post.

In the video, Wood even identifies himself and his company when Hernandez asks for his name. “Jason ‘Mother Fu**ing’ Wood. Actionable Insights.”

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Last night Jason Wood came into the bar I work at with a group of friends. I knew that after the 5th time of trying to enforce a mask policy, which he never wore, this person was going to be an issue. After using the bathroom I walked in on my coworker attempting to cut him off. Jason, was very persistent which is something we see a lot. My coworker did everything right but after hearing no several times Jason starts to get aggressive. He starts trying to bribe us, saying that he will give us $100 dollars if we just poured him a beer. We politely decline his money and stand our ground. He of course did not like this. Two female bartenders telling a middle aged white man he can't have something he wants and he can't buy it either must have really hurt his ego. At this point, being the most experienced in the industry and dealing with cutting customers off I step forward and address the situation head on. This is where things take a turn and being a person of color comes into the conversation. I closeout Jasons tab and tell him to please leave the bar and that we could care less about the tip he promised us. I then become extremely uncomfortable and start to feel unsafe so I begin to record him. Like so many others, we are tasked with filming our own abuse to prove that it actually happened. He threatened to ruin my life and take down my place of work. In the video you can hear him call me a “dark haired sand ni**er” and claims that I’m “stupid like Saudi Arabians”. See, without any indoor bar seating there is no one around and people have become more comfortable being their real self around us. For Jason Wood, it clearly is rascist. This man claims to “run the internet” and as the CEO and President of Actionable Insights, there probably won’t be any consequences for his racist actions. But I hope sharing this can be a lesson to others, it doesn’t matter how much money or power you think you have, it clearly can’t buy you dignity. And for others working in the service industry dealing with the COVID-19 mask enforcement and emboldened racists, don’t be afraid to stand up to these people, you are human first and foremost and no one deserves to be treated this way.

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Actionable Insights is a digital marketing firm that has offices in St. Petersburg, Florida. Wood told The Bee that he was out with Fresno colleagues on Tuesday night when the bar incident occurred. He argued that he wasn’t racist and he blamed his actions on the alcohol.

“I feel awful about the whole thing,” Wood said. “We had seven or eight beers. It knocked me out. I don’t remember any of that. When I saw the video, my jaw just dropped. I was a jerk.”

He continued, “I don’t talk to people like that. I’m not that type of guy… I’m not a racist. What I said didn’t even apply to her. I would’ve had a better grasp on the vernacular if I was a racist. I was that blacked-out drunk.”

Since the video of the incident went viral, Wood’s business pages and social media have been taken down from the Internet. There’s no word on whether he removed himself from his position.

He said that he and his staff have attempted to reach out to someone who claimed to be Hernandez’s brother to offer an apology, but they weren’t able to make contact. He said that he didn’t want to call or visit the bar directly because it could make Hernandez uncomfortable.

“I feel awful for the things that I said,” Wood said. “I’ve been the guy that shares stuff (on social media) when someone else has made racist comments. So I understand everyone’s reaction. I get it. But this was me doing something wrong. The business did nothing wrong. That was Jason with too much craft beer.”

Hernandez argued that because Wood is “the CEO and President of Actionable Insights, there probably won’t be any consequences for his racist actions.”

She added, “But I hope sharing this can be a lesson to others: It doesn’t matter how much money or power you think you have, it clearly can’t buy you dignity.”

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