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Larysa Kaus, Interim CEO, Melwood

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Today on the Community Affairs Show, Cheryl Jackson talks with the Interim CEO, Larysa Kautz, of Melwood.  Melwood is a dynamic nonprofit organization providing jobs and opportunities for people of differing abilities for over 50 years and counting in the greater Washington, DC area.  Melwood believes that everyone who is willing able to work should have the opportunity to provide for themselves and achieve independence.  The majority of Melwood 1600 employees have some form of neurocognitive or developmental disability, but their training programs help identify their strengths and train them for the career they want. We don’t believe in disability because we know every person has abilities that they can contribute to society which is why they  use the term “differing abilities”.  COVID-19 has affected everyone, however, it has affected those with “differing abilities” at an alarming rate.  Find out more about Melwood and how you can help with employing those with differing abilities on today’s Community Affairs Show.  
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