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Today on the Community Affairs Show Cheryl Jackson talks with Dr. Reed Tuckson and Rev. Adora Lee of The Black Coalition Against COVID-19.  Dr. Tuckson and Rev. Adora talks about the disparities that the African American Community face as result of COVID-19.  We’ve seen a residual affect of increased violence on the African American Community since the onset of the COVID-19.  Our guest shares why.  The Black Coalition Against COVID-19 has partnered with churches with in the Black Community to share factual information.  Our guest this week also share facts and myths of COVID-19 with in the Black Community.
Rev. Adora Lee
Minister, Global Health Consultant
Reverend Adora Iris Lee is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ where she co-authored the landmark study, Toxic Wastes and Race and served as the denomination’s first Minister of Environmental Justice. She is a Yale-educated public health specialist with over 30 years of experience implementing HIV/AIDS, women’s economic empowerment and community health initiatives in the United States and Southern Africa.
Rev. Dr. Frank Tucker
Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in the District of Columbia

Rev. Dr. Frank D. Tucker is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in the District of Columbia, Chairman of The Leadership Council for Healthy Communities (LCHC); and the Chair of the Black Leadership Commission on AIDS of DC and Vicinity (BLCA). An advocate for health reform, he champions the efforts of programs and services which address health disparities for African Americans and other minorities throughout the Washington metropolitan area.
ABOUT: Black Coalition Against COVID-19 
The Black Coalition Against COVID-19 was created for the purpose of organizing D.C.’s multi-dimentional and broadly inclusive cohort of community leaders and advocates in an effort to urgently mobilize and coordinate all available community assets in complementary and collaborative support of D.C. Government’s efforts, and especially those of D.C. health.  We understand our work as being aligned with the vision of “The Beloved Community” as expressed by Martin Luther King.  We understand that our communities, while challenged, should be viewed in the context of wholeness and not their deficits.  Community leaders from across the city who work with the faith, homeless, incarcerated and recently returned citizens, substance abuse, health and medical, labor, youth, senior, creative artist, academic, and other communities are essential assets in the fight to protect our city from this pandemic.  The BCC has chosen to accept the challenge of helping to marshal these assets, and do it with the urgency this crisis demands.  Find out more at

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