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Shopping for friends and family who have proven to be self-sufficient can be quite the task. My mother is a woman who basically has two of everything. My friends live that, “I spoil myself” lifestyle, so there’s nothing I can get them that they can’t get for themselves. What do you get a woman who literally has everything?

I’ve learned that thoughtful gifts from the heart go a long way. Perfumes and purses are great, but what about something that’ll help your favorite person manage their mental health? How about a gift that’ll encourage them to prioritize self-care? Better yet, what about a service that’ll help start/maintain that business they’ve been struggling to manage?


If you’re in need of some bomb gift ideas for the women in your life that don’t want or need for anything, then you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of amazing gifts that your friends and family never knew they needed.

Introvert N the City Mindful Moon Deck

Mindful Moon Deck

Source: Introvert N the City / Introvert N the City

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The Mindful Moon Deck a collection of affirmations cards that’ll keep you spiritually and emotionally grounded. It’s not your typical collection of “I Am” quotes. These affirmations remind you to be gentle with yourself as you navigate through life. If you have friends and family members are on a spiritual journey, this 50-card deck is sure to usher them along the way. During the holiday season, the online store will host a bundle deal that’ll allow you to shop the Mindful Moon Deck, your choice of sage, crystals, and incense at a discounted price.

Absolutely Maybe Therapy Is Dope Candle

Absolutely Maybe Candles

Source: Danielle Belgrave / Absolutely Maybe

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Who doesn’t love walking into a room and smelling the sweet aroma of a candle? Ambiance is everything and Absolutely Maybe’s Therapy is Dope candles will definitely set the mood. I especially love the therapy reference because it removes the stigma behind talking to a mental health professional.

Entrepreneurs Color Too Self Care Coloring Book


Entrepreneurs Color Too

Source: Entrepreneurs Color Too / Entrepreneurs Color Too

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I’ve heard people say they feel the most free when they revert back to things they did in their childhood days. Simple pleasures like jumping rope or coloring in a coloring book, can boost your mood almost instantly. Entrepreneurs Color Too is a brand that markets coloring books, and journals for adults.

If you’re a parent, the Mom and Teen Journal may appeal to you as well. This is a great tool to use when you’re trying to stay connected to your young adult.

Decor Homage Energy Smudge Bowl

Decor Homage Energy Smudge Bowl

Source: Talibah Stewart / Decor Homage

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Sage is a wonderful way to cleanse or neutralize the energy of a space, person, or item. A smudge bowl can be used to house the sage in between cleansing sessions. If you’re not into energy cleansing, you can use the bowl as an ash tray, jewelry holder, or for general decoration.

Decor Homage has tons of really cute homemade trinkets that’ll give any home a nice, decorative facelift.

True Tea Root Chakra Tea

True Tea

Source: Katrina Jeffries / True Tea

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Are your chakras aligned? The Root Chakra is located in the base of the spine in the body. It is the first of seven, spearheading the alignment of your body’s energy. When your root chakra is balanced, you’ll feel grounded and stable in life. When your root is unbalanced, you’ll experience anxiety, nightmares, and feelings of disconnect.

If you have a friend or family member who feels unbalanced in those areas, True Tea’s Root Chakra Tea will help with alignment. Please note that this tea does not heal an unbalanced chakra. With spiritual work and a change in daily activities, you can effectively align your chakras.

Lush Orange Shower Scrub

Lush Shower Scrub

Source: Lush Cosmetics / Lush Cosmetics

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A good body scrub will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Lush has a wide selection of body scrubs that exfoliate the skin while restoring moisture straight from your shower. If you’re digging this gift idea then you’ll love the array of scents offered by the brand. Stock up on holiday-inspired scents, or keep it simple with a citrusy aroma.

Branding Services with Ayanna Dutton

Ayanna Dutton

Source: Dennis Cohen / Dennis Cohen

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Do you have a friend who launched their own business? You may already know this, but Black women are becoming entrepreneurs at such a rapid rate. There’s so much work that goes into running a business on a day to day basis. Social media, email marketing, and brand strategy are just a few of the behind the scenes tactics used to draw customers in. Doing that on your own can be overwhelming. A branding/business coach like Ayanna Dutton can help grow your personal or business brand by creating strategies specific to your needs.

For the holiday season, Ayanna will offer an Express Brand Audit deal that will include a review of your website, portfolio, business logo, social media presence, and other marketing materials. The deal will run from November 30th – December 30th. Book your loved one a consultation, audit, or service. They’ll be sure to thank you!

NRG Elevation Abundance Box

NRG Elevation

Source: NRG Elevation / NRG Elevation

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Who doesn’t want to manifest the life they want? If you believe in the Law of Attraction then NRG Elevation’s Abundance box will prepare you with all the tools needed to boost your income. Each box includes an abundance checkbook, an engraved diamond pen, a Citrine gem stone, an Aventurine gem stone, a 2021 New Moon calendar, a $100 bill key chain, and an affirmation sticker.

Give your friends and family the gift of wealth!

Joyous Jai Spa Set

Joyous Jai spa set

Source: Alexa Neyomi / Alexa Neyomi

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This year spa days came few and far between. With covid restrictions dictating the amount of in-person services someone can have, many had to resort to bringing the spa to their homes. Gift a friend the full experience with the Joyous Spa Set. The set includes 1 Wrap Towel, 1 Hair Drying Cap,

and 1 Make Up Headband.

The chic and comfortable set is suitable for before and after your bath or shower, spa days and time spent at the sauna.

4J2L Creations By Irby Face Mask and Matching Headwrap

4J2L Creations by Irby headwrap

Source: Natasha Irby / Natasha Irby

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Did you ever think you’d be gifting your friends or family a face mask? When we experienced a shortage of masks earlier this year, entrepreneurs became resourceful and began making their own. Now, face masks have become the focal part of most outfits!

If you have a loved one that enjoys bold prints and African head wraps, then the 4J2L Creations by Irby mask and head wrap set is guaranteed to make them smile. Choose from an array of colors, patterns, and textures.


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