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Social Media Influencer Tracey Wiley made me do a double take one day as I scrolled down my Instagram feed. After posting an image of herself in a powder pink suit, I commented, “Giving #KamalaHarris vibes.” She replied, “Girl if one more person says that… I mean I’ll take it!” There is no doubt Tracey’s resemblance to Kamala Harris is uncanny.

The New Orleans-base digital content creator tells the most vivid, beautiful stories through her style and images. Tracey’s style isn’t one you can put in a box. She has range in how she chooses to express herself. Despite her fashionable freedom, she is absolutely the queen of slaying a two-piece suit. It is during the moments where she throws on a set of shades, and rocks a bold pair of slacks with a matching blazer that she looks identical to our Vice President elect, Kamala Harris.


I reached out to Tracey to see how she feels about the comparison. “Well to be compared to Kamala is beyond flattering. I’ve had a few people say, ‘Wow, I thought this was Kamala’ or ‘You’re giving me Kamala vibes.’ I know most of that is based off of style. I’m going to assume it’s the suits, but I’ll take it! To be compared to such a strong, intelligent, powerful woman, yeah.. I’ll take that,” she said.

Tracey wiley

Source: Tracey Wiley / Tracey Wiley

When it comes to style inspiration, Tracey gets it from everywhere. “I love versatile pieces. Pieces I can break up and make multiple outfits out of. If you follow me you know I love a good suit. I can break that suit up three or four different ways for multiple outfits. I don’t know about you but, the way my checkings and savings is set up, I have to get creative with my pieces. Which brings me to affordable fashion. I’m really big on that. You can find some extremely cute quality pieces at places like zara, H&M, ASOS, nasty gal. The list goes one. The key is to find timeless pieces. Something you know that regardless of trend, you will wear over and over.”

What I love most about Tracey’s ability to slay a suit is that she adds subtle elements to her look that makes it fun and relatable. When I think of wearing a suit, I cringe slightly. The idea of being professional and buttoned up is not appealing to me, yet I look at Tracey and feel intrigued to get a two-piece and figure it out.

It’s more than just the suits. From Tracey’s hair that hangs loosely on her shoulders, to her attitude that shows confidence and power, this style queen emulates our future Vice President both perfectly and unintentionally. Need proof? Here are 5 times Tracey Wiley gave us Kamala Harris vibes.

Presidential in Blue

Tracey Wiley

Source: Tracey Wiley / Tracey Wiley

Tracey showed us all who’s the bawse in this blue sparkly Maven Street suit. She offers a retro vibe with her voluptuous hair and oversized drop earrings. This look serves power suits on a platter.

Power in Pink

Tracey Wiley

Source: Mariana Sheppard / Mariana Sheppard

This photo convinced me that Tracey could possibly be Kamala’s younger, more stylish sister. Between this simple 2-piece powder pink suit, the sunglasses, and the hair, I’m surprised people aren’t stopping her on the streets asking for photos.

Bawse on the Move

Tracey Wiley

Source: Katherine Kimball / Katherine Kimball

Look at Kamala.. I mean Tracey go! This camel monochrome ensemble is so good! In this outfit, Tracey looks like a woman who is on her way to make some changes that will positively impact the world. Then she’s going to head to brunch with the girls.

It’s the Attitude

Tracey Wiley

Source: Katherine Kimball / Katherine Kimball

I mean, come on now! Tracey’s watercolor blazer paired with caramel pants and that soft, feathered hair is such a joyful experience. It’s not only the look, it’s the attitude.

Classic Vibes

Tracey Wiley

Source: Katherine Kimball / Katherine Kimball

I never thought a pair of black pants and an off-white blouse could look this good. Everything about Tracey’s outfit is fresh and seamless. Her classic fashion choices make her the talk of New Orleans, but it’s the stunning face and blaring confidence that makes her a dead ringing for Kamala Harris. You can peruse through Tracey’s Instagram page here.

What do you think? Have we found our Vice President elect’s doppelgänger?


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