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Aviation Regulators Seek Help Enforcing Laws Against Air Rage

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

Can’t we all just chill out!?

As concerns about the COVID-19 Delta Variant still rise after masks mandates came down because people went and got vaccinated, folks wanted to get back to their normal pre-pandemic ways but for what ever reason people seem to be more angry and combative especially during air travel.  As a matter of fact they might want to start rethinking that slogan ‘The Friendly Sky’s’ as we have all been reading about delay’s, cancellations, confrontations and fights lately at the airport and/or on airplanes.  A couple of weeks ago there was a report of a man having to be ducted taped to a seat on Frontier airlines when he became belligerent then groped a flight attendant.   Now we have a similar report of a 13 year old male being duct taped to an American Airline seat for trying to kick the window out of the plane.

The Sky’s Are Still Not Friendly: 13 Year Old Ducted Taped To Seat [VIDEO]

A young teenager on an American Airlines flight from Maui to L.A., according to witnesses, started trying to kick in the window next to him and allegedly got violent with his mother as well about an hour into to flight.  The plane had to be rerouted and make an emergency landing where to teen was taken into custody.  Of course the incident was caught on video.

Let us all be safe and calm while we try to get back to normal within our new normal.

Take a look at the video below.

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