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Officials from a Pennsylvania high school seek to make it clear that racial insensitivity and/or hate crimes, will not be tolerated in its halls.

Last week it was reported that a Black doll was found hanging from the ceiling of the Coatesville Area High School locker room, prompting outrage. The doll was initially discovered in a trash can by members of the school’s cross-country team in September and was passed around as the team’s “mascot” The incident was briefly halted after a coach took the doll away and threw it back into the trash.

Reportedly, the doll was retrieved from the trash a second time and hid in the ceiling before someone decided to use their sports tie to suspend the doll inside the locker room.

The Coatesville Area superintendent, Cathy Taschner, was initially reported to have said the incident was not a hate crime, but was “racially insensitive.” But in a letter retrieved by The Washington Post, Taschner openly condemns the act.

A portion of the letter Taschner wrote to the school community reads as follows:

“While team members interviewed by administrators indicated this was a foolish prank and that their intent was not to cause racial intimidation, we cannot accept that reasoning. This incident is offensive, insensitive and not reflective of the kind of behavior we expect or will tolerate from our students.”

Taschner promised to again meet with team members and coaches and will enact disciplinary action for anyone who was involved.

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SOURCE: The Washington Post


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