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A Pastor of a North Philly church is facing charges of allegedly sexually abusing three people when they were minors, two girls and one boy.

Reverend Mark Hatcher, 59, pastor of Holy Ghost Headquarters Revival Center, which is actually also The MET Philadelphia, is facing charges of rape and sexual abuse.

According to the affidavit, these allegations aren’t at all new. They allegedly date back to the 2000’s. The victims who at the time were minors have now decided to come forward decades later, accusing Reverend Hatcher of sexual assault.

As told by police, one of the victims is a woman who said she was molested when she was 15 years old. Another victim, a male attested to being  assaulted at least five times when he was six years old.

The third victim who at the time was 13 years old, whule Hatcher was 43 in 2006, says she went to dinner with Mark who at the time was her pastor and tells the account of them checking on a renovated house in North Philly. She told police that Hatcher pinned her down, covered her mouth while she tried to scream for help and raped her.

Hatcher’s attorney, Emmett Madden said, “Mr. Hatcher denies the allegations against him from 15 years ago with no physical evidence. The support he is receiving from the community and his family paints a very different picture. And he looks forward to his day in court.”

Reverend Mark Hatcher was denied bail on Wednesday by a  judge in Blue Bell after prosecutors called him a “danger to the community,” according to court documents.

Hatcher is charged with rape, statutory sexual assault, corruption of a minor and related offenses. He faces a preliminary hearing on June 2.


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