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Just like one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure, the same can be said for music — that catchy hit that gets your feet going may very well grind the gears of someone else.

For all the accolades that music icon Pharrell received for his 2013 worldwide chart-topper “Happy” — top Billboard song of 2014 and 8th highest-selling single in the country, for starters — many actually found the song hard to bare for its repetitive chorus and cringeworthy cheery tone overall.

Surprisingly enough, it appears that Skateboard P might just agree with the haters.

While promoting his upcoming new single with Tyler, The Creator and 21 Savage dropping next week, Pharrell decided to interact with a few fans at random. Although speaking in emojis and short responses, it was clear as day what he was saying in reply to one person who wrote, “no song annoyed me like Happy by Pharrell did.” The GIRL hitmaker hit back by simply writing “Same” (seen above), which has so far garnered over half a million likes and over 40,000 retweets and counting. Funny enough, the comments are split between those who came to defend “Happy” and others using clever memes to co-sign Rell’s moment of honesty.

On the other hand, it also looks like Pharrell may not be too against his Oscar-nominated hit, replying with a repeat emoji to another fan that wrote, “Ngl I think I’m ready to hear it again.”


We’re firm believers that all works of art are beautiful, especially anything that Pharrell puts his Midas touch on. It’s hard to label anything done with creativity as “annoying,” but there can be an argument made for having taste as well. What’s the verdict though: is “Happy” your jam or just downright jarring? Sound off after reminding yourself of the worldwide smash below:


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