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Singer Otis Kemp went through a long road to get to where he is now but through it all, he always knew that God would deliver him. From this deliverance, he has released some incredible music including the singles “The Reason” and “Daily Bread.”

Listen to “Daily Bread “below


Kemp stopped by Get Up! During Stellar Awards weekend for Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell at the City Winery in Atlanta, GA. Kemp spoke about his singles “Daily Bread and “The Reason” and delivered a word for us.

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ERICA CAMPBELL: It’s a Stellar Awards weekend. What are you looking forward to most?

OTIS KEMP: I’m looking forward to seeing Kirk Franklin get up there and worship. I’ve never seen him in person. Well, I take that back. I’d seen him in Miami a couple of weeks ago. But it just I can never get him.

ERICA: I love it. I love love. Love it. Well, listen, we just heard your new song which you have worked with artists like Rick Ross and Florida. How did you go from rapping with them to here?

KEMP: Well, the crazy part is I started the label with some friends of mine. We were all we all went to high school and stuff like that together. So I was always behind the scenes writing and arranging. And I always knew that I would do Gospel music. Because even when I was in the street, and I’m trying to drink and smoke and party, they want me to read scriptures. So the Bible talks about us just being already predestined. Yeah, so I knew that I will be in the kingdom. I didn’t know how God was gonna do it, how he was gonna deliver me, but I knew that he would deliver me Yes, man.

ERICA: He just gave us a whole word. For somebody that’s trying to figure out when it’s changed, gonna come, he just told you, it’s coming. God wants to deliver you. You don’t have to stay in the situation that you’re in. Freedom, victory, joy, peace, all of that it is yours. I promise you. Okay, so, um, listen, I understand that you were kicked out of multiple schools in South Florida. But you’ve taken those challenges and turn them into a passion to help kids succeed. Let’s talk about that.

KEMP: Yes, I started a school called Appleseeds Performing Arts Academy in South Florida. I was one that got kicked out of every school. I was just a little active. That’s all it was. And they didn’t understand me so my dad wanted to do something in the community. My dad is a bishop Bishop Otis L. Kemp shout out to my dad and my mother Pastor Vivian Kemp. And yes, so they instilled a teenager an entrepreneur. And three years ago we started and during the pandemic I started so I felt like Joseph and famine, God blessed me in the midst of the famine, one school to three schools. So we have preschool up to eighth grade.

ERICA: Wow, that is so so awesome. Yes, you are a very interesting and awesome guy. Listen your new song “The Reason” is available now on all digital outlets. You can follow him on social media at @IamOtisKemp You got another song coming that you said is really the one with tell us a little bit.

KEMP: It’s called “Daily Bread.” “Daily Bread” is a record that um shout out to my Uncle D. He heard he said listen release about a song I’m gonna tell you it’s gonna be something happened for you. So I did it. We released it a week ago and I tell you this is just blowing up go get “Daily Bread.” It’s everywhere. It’s everywhere right now






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