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Jerrod Jones, Black firefighter in Rochester, NY alleging racism

Jerrod Jones. | Source: Twitter / Twitter

Earlier this month we reported that Black Rochester firefighter Jerrod Jones revealed plans to sue the city and its fire department for $4 million after accusing his superior of pressuring him to attend a racist party in July. The party was thrown by Dr. Nicholas Nicosia and his wife, and now the couple is complaining that the allegations of racism are false and that their lives are being ruined.

Jones said he saw at the party a cardboard Donald Trump, a racist display mocking Juneteenth a performer acting out sexually explicit depictions of local Democratic politicians.  Dr. Nicosia, of course, denied all accusations of racism.

“The allegations of racism made against us are false and malicious,” Nicholas said. “We will respond fully and completely in the coming days. The truth will show that I have lived in Rochester my entire life and my wife has been here for more than 35 years. During that time, we have lived in and supported the diverse Rochester community. We ask members of our community to hear the full and true story.”

Well, so far, the couple has done a pretty piss-poor job of explaining themselves. In fact, all the explanation has done at this point is reveal past racism of Mary—which I imagine is the opposite of what they were trying to accomplish.

“The allegations of this narrative have caused my family almost unbearable pain,” Mary said during a news conference, according to News 10 NBC.

“Our children are being attacked on social media. Cancel culture can be cruel,” Nicholas said through (white) tears. “It took me 32 years to build my reputation and less than two hours to destroy it.”

But before any other fake “cancel culture” lamenters start to feel sorry for this couple, we have got to talk about the overall janky-ness of the defense presented by their attorney.

From News 10:

Attorney Cory Hogan showed photos of the Nicosia house.

“You will see this event was a political event,” Hogan said. “There is absolutely no racism anywhere.”

But the photos of Donald Trump and party tables, a Juneteenth poster and corn hole game that were shown were actually staged last week to depict what the party looked like. The party happened on July 7th.

Brean: “So it was re-created?”

Hogan: “I asked the clients to set it up so that I have an accurate understanding of what was where.”

Brean: “Mr. Hogan can you share actual pictures of the party?”

Hogan: “I don’t have any. I don’t know that there were any. I can find out.”

Brean: “Mary were there pictures, actual pictures of the party?”

Mary Nicosia: “I didn’t take any pictures.”

So, let me see if I have this right: These people threw a party during which they took zero pictures, so they re-created the scene with staged photos—and we’re just supposed to take it at face value that there were no visual edits made to erase any racism from the display. 

But then it got worse.

I challenge you, the press, look into their backgrounds. Find anything they’ve done in their lives, their 50-plus year lives that’s racist,” Hogan said.

25 minutes later, Hogan told News 10 that “Mary Nicosia has a twitter account,” and “It’s racist.” (I’m guessing Hogan spent part of that 25 minutes cleaning all the egg from his face.)

“In full disclosure, I do have a Twitter parody account that operates under a veil of a persona and I have made blatantly racist comments under that persona,” Mary admitted.

Mary claimed her husband didn’t know anything about her bigoted Twitter fingers. (Sure, Klan…I mean, Jan.)

“But nonetheless I hold myself accountable. I am ashamed. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, to get up here and tell you this,” she said. “And I ask that you accept my apology as it is sincere.”

So, who to believe? The Black firefighter who has no apparent reason to lie about walking smack into a random Get Out moment, or the white MAGA couple with a history of racism?

Anyway, Jones’ attorney, who is representing him in a lawsuit against Rochester and its fire department, noted that the couple dry-snitched on themselves and essentially confirmed everything they’re accused of.

The Nicosia’s verified everything in our complaint. In addition, they verified that they operate a racist Twitter account,” the attorney reportedly tweeted. “We will use their press conference as evidence going forward.”



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