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Well, this is some good news for the State of Maryland. In a recently released report by WalletHub, Maryland was found to be the second happiest state in the United States, coming in behind Hawaii!

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WalletHub compared 30 indicators of happiness to determine where Americans have the highest satisfaction with life including unemployment rates, depression and suicidal thoughts.

Below are the findings for Maryland:

  • % of Depressed Adults – 8th
  • Suicide Rate – 5th
  • Number of Work Hours – 25th
  • Volunteer Rate – 15th
  • Separation and Divorce Rate – 20th 
  • Safety – 10th
  • Share of Adults Feeling Active + Productive – 22nd 

MEASUREMENT: 1=Happiness & 25=Average

The least happy state in the US was found to be West Virginia. Check out some of the findings below and tell us, do any of them surprise you?

Share of Adult Depression:


1. Hawaii

2. California

T-3. Illinois

T-3. Florida

5. New Jersey


T-45. Louisiana

T-45. Arkansas

47. Vermont

48. Tennessee

49. Kentucky

50. West Virginia

Adequate-Sleep Rate


1. Colorado

2. Minnesota

3. Vermont

4. Nebraska

5. South Dakota


46. Pennsylvania

47. Kentucky

48. Alabama

49. Hawaii

50. West Virginia


Sports Participation Rate


1. Utah

2. Colorado

3. Vermont

4. Washington

5. Oregon


46. Oklahoma

47. Louisiana

48. Arkansas

49. Mississippi

50. Kentucky

Suicide Rate


1. New Jersey

2. New York

3. Massachusetts

4. Rhode Island

5. Maryland


46. Idaho

47. New Mexico

48. Montana

49. Alaska

50. Wyoming


Work Hours


1. Utah

T-2. Rhode Island

T-2. Oregon

T-2. Vermont

5. Massachusetts


46. Louisiana

47. Texas

T-48. North Dakota

T-48. Wyoming

50. Alaska


Income Growth


1. California

2. Oregon

3. Washington

4. Rhode Island

5. Colorado


46. Connecticut

47. Louisiana

48. North Dakota

49. Wyoming

50. Alaska

Divorce Rate


1. Utah

2. North Dakota

3. New Jersey

4. Hawaii

5. Nebraska


46. Mississippi

47. Louisiana

48. Florida

49. New Mexico

50. Nevada


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