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A Chicago teen was severely hurt in a horrific attack fueled by homophobia.

Amari Graves, 15, was confronted by several attackers on her way to a store on Tuesday (July 31), WMAQ-TV in Chicago, reported. One of Graves’ classmates, as well as several adults whose names were not released, stomped and kicked the teen in the unprovoked beating. Graves was also sprayed with mace and her clothes were ripped by the attackers.

“They all got out and walked up to me,” Graves said before referring to one of the specific attackers. “When I was walking she tried to pull a bat out and swing it at me.”

The group also used a homophobic slur to refer to Graves, who identifies as LGBT. The beating was a hate crime, Catina Parks-Dorsey, Graves’ mother, said, pleading for an arrests to be made.

“Absolutely nothing was done,” Parks-Dorsey said. “No one was taken into custody, they told me I had to swear out my own warrant [make an accusation under oath to secure a warrant] to have them arrested.”

She continued, “[It’s] devastating to know you weren’t there to protect your child. I want them locked up.”

The attackers should all be charged with a hate crime and sexual assault, Parks-Dorsey also said.

As of now, Chicago police are sorting through the details of the case. They will present their findings to a state’s attorney office that will make a decision about bringing charges. If the adult attackers are convicted of charges, they could face fines and jail time. As Graves and Parks-Dorsey await a decision for justice, they are weighing through the pain of the vicious attack that has impacted their lives.


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