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ASOS, a popular online retailer which distributes nearly one thousand clothing brands through its website, recently came under fire for a controversial item.

The Wasted Heroes clothing line created several t-shirts and sweatshirts with the word “Slave” and had the nerve to have an African American man as the model.

ASOS immediately received backlash and has since removed the shirt from its site and subsequently issued an apology, “It really was extremely stupid of us,” said the brand in a statement.

According to Wasted Heroes, people are overreacting and misinterpreting the message behind the shirt.

“The T-shirt was referencing that we are slaves to fashion labels hence why it is titled ‘Slave to the label’ and no offense was intended with this design or listing,” said a representative from the brand to the website, The Tab, which initially broke the story.

While the shirt may not be available on ASOS, it’s still being sold on the Wasted Heroes website, apparently just without the Black male as the model.

Beauties, with the excessive use of derogatory terms like the “N-word” in pop culture, are you offended by a t-shirt that says “slave”? Have Millennials become desensitized to Black history and previous generations hardships?

Take our poll and weigh in on the controversy.


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