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#WhyIDidntReport: Evangelist Beth Moore Shares Her Story Of Being Sexually Abused

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A number of women continue to come forward as the #WhyIDidntReport continues to be a discussion on social media. According to The Christian Post, the hashtag began when Professor Christine Ford came forward and accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape. After Ford spoke about the alleged incident President Donald Trump tweeted out that if the abuse really happened it would’ve been reported.

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Moore in a tweet revealed her own story and said, “He lived in my house. #whyididntreport.” The next day she wrote, “Make it a safer world to report it and you’ll make it a safer world.” President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Russell Moore responded to her by saying, “Sobering. Grateful to God for you Beth.” Others tweeted at Moore saying that she was just trying to join in with the movement.

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She responded to some of those Twitter users with, “Let me assure you, sir, I have not one whit of desire for anyone to be falsely accused. That is highly counterproductive and would only end up making it harder for victims. I’m advocating for women to be heard, taken seriously and not placed in harm’s way for coming forward.”

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One writer and feminist, Cheryl Strayed spoke out about the hashtag as well as why many women choose not to talk about these stories. Strayed said, “WhyIDidntReport Because I was sexually abused at such a young age I didn’t even know it was a crime. I didn’t have the language to say what was happening to me. Later, as a teen, the sexual harassment and coercion of girls & women was seen the norm, not something to report.” After Moore told her story a second alleged victim of Kavanaugh wants to speak out on what happened to her.

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