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A no-nonsense mom urged her daughter to keep her “head high” after restaurant customers reportedly wrote a racist note to the waitress.

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Regina Boone posted a photograph on Facebook of the note, which said “We don’t tip Black people,” scribbled on a napkin that her daughter received while working at an Applebee’s in Radcliff, Kentucky, News-Enterprise reported on Friday.

“I wish!!! I would ever be present when someone disrespects my child! I don’t accept or tolerate disrespect! I’m furious but I know there’s a God in Heaven who sits high and looks low!” Boone, an elementary school teacher, posted. “Take a look in the mirror. Are you strong enough to stand against it (racism)? I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE! My beautiful child, I got you! Always will! Hold your head HIGH and ALWAYS be proud of who you are!”

Jasmine Brewer recalled that the group of customers was standoffish, but she provided everything they needed. “If they needed something, I got it. I didn’t realize I was the problem the whole time,” she said.

For the rest of the night, Brewer was anxious about serving other tables and was conscious of her race. “It makes you look at yourself differently,” she added.

Her mother also posted the note because she wanted to raise awareness that racism continues to be a problem across the nation. “We’re not able to stop racism if people think it doesn’t exist,” she stated, underscoring that education is the solution.

Brewer, a mother of three children, hopes that her kids don’t have to face bigotry. “I want (racism) to be gone by the time my kids get older,” she stated.

News about the racist note inspired folks to contribute unsolicited tips to Brewer totaling more than $150.


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