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I’m a Big Deal | Ericaism

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So listen y’all know that I have a big family, so I grew up sharing whether I wanted to or not. Probably because we didn’t have much, but it teaches you something when you learn to share early. When you learn that if you have something they have something and you don’t look at it as I’m losing because I’m sharing and learning. To share is something that we don’t do very well, even when it comes to sharing good things. It’s unfortunate that I see a lady with a nice dress and where you get that girl I ain’t telling. You’re gonna be looking like. Yeah, I’ll never look like you. And you’ll never look like me. Even in the same outfit because we’re different. 


But that mindset, that doesn’t want to share is very interesting to me. And if you didn’t, I like I said, I grew up in a big family, so second nature and very easy to share, to share how I felt to share my opinions. You know, in my family you you better learn how to speak up and jump in that conversation or you won’t get hurt. I don’t know if that’s a healthy thing and maybe kind of bad, we probably need to learn to pause. For each other to speak and to hear each other. But I’ve also become comfortable with with sharing my opinion. And how I feel, and I even share my opinion with myself. What do I mean by that? It is very easy to take the opinion of others if they define you or put a label on you. You are this or that is this one. That is that one. And in my family we had it a lot. 


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You know, the one that cleans the one that sings the funny one, the one that fusses, you know, the one that’s going to be late, and you put these titles on people. But do you embrace that title? You know the one that’s single. Oh, that’s the one that gets back. Do you embrace that title? Do you allow people to put those labels on you? What did you say to yourself about your? A few things I tell myself that I’m walking in God’s purpose and divine order.  



I have everything I need to be everything I need. I am OK. It is OK to feel how I feel, whether that is good and good or bad. It’s OK to be honest with how I feel and learning to get in that place of being comfortable with me, looking at myself, telling myself that I am good enough that God supplies my need, that things will come in perfect time keeps me from stressing and being overwhelmed about what God will or will. Do in my life. And so I just wanted. To share those. Thoughts with you just be be in a place where you can make your own faith confessions. I’m on time, I’m well balanced. I’m completing and finishing every task I have. The joy of the Lord, which gives me strength. I won’t waste my time on unnecessary, unnecessary things or thoughts. I bring peace wherever I go. 


Feel free to borrow those like y’all know I was at essence last week and I walked in this big, amazing room and I told myself before I got there. Erica, you belong there. And don’t you dare not one moment in that. Room, say to yourself oh. How did I get here? I got here because I’m called here because I’m chosen to. Here I’m necessary in this room. I’m just as valuable as they are. Maybe I’m not as famous or have as much money, but I’m just as valuable as they are. When you learn to speak in the affirmative to yourself, it hushes the labels that people try to put on you. It also hushes the negative labels that you have embraced because you haven’t built up your self-confidence in that area and that’s OK we all have areas where we need to build our self. 


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