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Oh my, my, my. After waiting a full, long mysterious week to find out who this daughter is that Lionel (Tim Reid) speaking of from last week’s episode, we still only have part of the answer. Yes, we know that he’s referring to Grace (Merle Dandridge). But, is he REALLY her father ? We may never know the answer because Lionel done up and died on us before this puzzle could be solved.

Not even Mae (Lynn Whitfield) is clear on whom Grace’s father really is. All she knows is that during a moment of weakness, while trying to get her groove back, she hooked up with Lionel and nine months later – BOOM, here’s Grace.

Is Lionel the father? Could be, could be not. Bishop James (Keith David) could be the father, too. Who knows? Where is Maury when you need him to come through with the results?

Mae is all ready and set to tell Grace that Lionel could be her father, and possibly the reason why she resents her so much but when he dies she decides to let that secret die right along with him. But Aaron (William H. Bryant Jr.), Lionel’s son, pops up at Grace’s office and shares some of his father’s last words with her.

After that brief encounter Grace goes straight to her mother, a woman of God, and asks the direct question “is Lionel my father?” Poor Mae doesn’t even have an answer for her, just simply “I don’t know.”

All of this paternity drama is going on in the midst of an FBI raid on both Calvary and Triumph.

The FBI came full force through the doors of both churches ready to seize everything that wasn’t tied down. Triumph and Calvary are being investigated for bank fraud, theft and embezzlement at the hands of Ms. Rochelle Cross (LeToya Luckett) Tasha (Asia’h Epperson) and Basie Skanks (Jason Dirden).

These three villains set the Greenleafs up nicely and all it took were tight-fitting, pencil skirts prancing by both of them to bring the church and the whole family down.

Even while the trickery is unfolding right in front of Bishop’s eyes, he still refuses to believe that Rochelle helped mastermind the whole thing. How could she set him up like this when she’s been the one helping him with his IRS scandal, and giving him the shoulder he needs to cry on?

Well, as it turns out, that whole crypto currency account business was a crypto scam.

With the help of Tasha, a dummy account opened in Bishop’s name is the same account that Tasha used to skim money from Jacob’s church and deposit into that same account. To make matters worse, Rochelle is playing dumb.

“What account?” “I never helped you invest any money.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You have to admit that the girl is good. She’s even telling Grace that she and Bishop slept together and confessed their love for one another, knowing good and damn well that none of that ever happened.


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