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Nine Dead After Church Shooting In Charleston

Source: Joe Raedle / Getty

Nightclubs , bars and restaurants, grocery stores, places of worship, concerts, yoga class , bus stations, movie theaters, schools,  airports, college campuses, and sporting events. All these places have been the site of gunman who can make unexpected victims out of innocent people. These homegrown terrorist are getting a hold of weapons without trouble, while I’m getting asked for my I.D to purchase a lottery ticket.

Where can you go? Where is it safe? I am all for the right to bare arms, but only on the strength of protecting my family. A gun is a form of protection, yes. Then again, some people carry a gun , are too afraid of their own shadows and claim they are standing their ground against unarmed individuals.

It is time that we call a massacre done by the hands of an American, terrorism. Terrorism is defined as , “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

This country makes excuses for a person that can form their mind to think it is ok to take a life. At the same time this country wants to control a woman’s choice for her own body.

No one is saying take the guns completely away, but if you can vote to make it the law to show your I.D. to cast a vote to change laws,  and elect judges, and a President; then there should be a thorough background check to purchase a gun. You can’t get a house or car with bad credit, but you purchase a gun fresh the street with a motive to kill.

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