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African American man with son, cleaning bathroom toilet

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For some, the need for an International Men’s Day could be laughable, considering so many men are in power.

Fellas continue to dominate in so many fields, including politics and business, and our overwhelming presence impacts everything from policies, to the environment, to the economic climate. This looming presence is a big reason why gender inequity remains to this day and anyone who’s not a man can get pushed to the margins.

So why do we have an International Men’s Day, again?

It could be a healthy opportunity to discuss manhood in all its messy, complex ways. As the years go on, manhood continues to be redefined and re-imagined depending on who you want to be as a person.

And if you’re a man who wants to do away with harmful behavior, let’s face it…some things need to get flushed down the toilet in 2019. Luckily, International Men’s Day falls on the same day as World Toilet Day.

It’s fate.

So to find out what traits men should send down the drain, hit the next pages!

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