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For many of us when finding a church home isn’t easy. According to Ambo TV a recent report states that income and education level may indicate the church you choose to attend.

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Furthermore, the report found that, “[about] six-in-ten (59%) college-educated Americans have searched for a new religious congregation, compared with only 38% of those with a high school education or less.”

It also shows that people with higher income levels look for churches more than those with less income.

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Moreover, the study calls people looking for churches “shoppers” and mentioned that those with higher education levels that make over $75,000 utilize online resources to gather information to choose their churches. The study also claims that those with lesser education valued worship style more than people with a higher education.

Nevertheless, the research didn’t offer any explanation if location was important for either groups. It did however say that, “due in part to the fact that highly educated and affluent Americans tend to be more geographically mobile.”

It also mentioned that some “shoppers” with lower income and less education valued congregations where their family as well as friends attended. They also looked for churches that have volunteering opportunities and sought out ones that delivered religious education.

Lastly, “Roughly six-in-ten (62%) of those with a high school degree or less say that access to religious education for children played an important role in their choice of congregation, compared with about half (51%) of college-educated adults.”

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