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Alright, y’all, usually I’m coming to you and I’m telling you something very matter of fact. But today I’m giving you some information that I want you to look into,. So I’m reading this book called ‘The Supernatural Power of a transformed mind by Bill Johnson. It’s a great book, but some very interesting ways of looking at things that we’ve always known and understood in Scripture. 


So in as growing up as a church kid, if I was praying and talking to God and my want, my mind wandered off, I would admit me immediately rebuke myself and make myself focus on what I was saying. In this book, this man of God is saying he’s implying that God allows us our creative license when it comes to our expression. What do I mean by that? 

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Look at the different ways people express their ministry. Look at the different ways people preach the gospel like we all have the book. We all got the same book, but everybody interprets and expresses it differently in your church it was saying a lot of times we have been taught to reject that side of us, right if God is giving us dominion, like, think about it. God didn’t tell Adam. What name to give to the animals, he said rake dominion name the animals. 


He gives us creative license to be who we are and a lot of times we’re looking for God to tell us each and every single thing. And God made us create everything that God created creates water will produce more water. Air will produce more air. Trees will produce something for us, everything the fruit will feed us like the animals will be food. Like everything that he created creates. And when it comes to us, we should be doing that too. 


And so we should look at our creative side a little bit differently. God didn’t create us as robots, right? In Scripture talks about we are Co laborers together with God, ye are God’s husbandry. We are God’s building according to the grace of God which is given unto me as a wise master builder. I have laid the foundation and another builder that thereon right and that may sound confusing for some because most of us are always waiting for God to tell us what to do and he does guide us. But sometimes there is a creative idea that is yours and God is cool with it, especially if it’s not going against his word. 


Now I had a pastor tell me growing up, he said, I know you think that there’s a woman get in trouble for this I know it. He said, I know you think that there’s only one person that could possibly be your spouse and you think that one person is going to find you and he was saying, but there are a bajillion people that literally love Jesus, and your personality will line up with who your personality is drawn to as it relates to love. 


When I was younger because I didn’t understand, I thought that I, you know, whoever my husband will be with somebody boring that I didn’t like and he was in church and I would have to do it just because God said do it. But I don’t think I don’t think God works that way, but y’all do y’all own research, but what I don’t want you to do is be trapped into this mindset. Like you a robot, you’re not a robot. God didn’t create robots. He gave us choice. He said I’ve placed before you life and death, right? He told us that we have to the power of the tongue. You can say the right thing or the wrong thing. What would you choose? 


Well, if he gave us choice in that when it comes to your thoughts and ideas and different things that you want to do, why would you… why would that be something that you go to hell over? I’ve never read a scripture that said you go to hell if you think your own thoughts, right? But your thoughts should line up with the word of God. 


So y’all do some considering do some thinking. Let your thoughts line up with the word of God. But don’t operate like a robot. I have to do this on this day at that time, at this way or everybody’s going to be mad and a lot of people preface what they say is, oh, they going to be mad if I going to do it? Who is they and are they really going to be mad? It’s time for us to be creative. Time for us to step out and do something different. Because we got to win souls. Because the old way, we need more. We need more creativity. 


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