Two forms of comfort foods are merging together to form a super snack. It is also a new ice cream flavor that was once unlikely to ever happen, but sure enough, it has now come to life. Kraft, with the help of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, has unveiled a new macaroni and cheese ice cream […]

Here’s a chip flavor very few can picture or even imaging coming to life – Spicy Chicken Sandwich. That is the new product that is launching from Pringles with help from Wendy’s. The two giants (potato chips and fast-food) have come together to present a bold new flavor that satisfy those who want both chips […]

There is a way to enjoy drinking pop without thinking too much of whatever sugar content is thrown in, yet not everyone is willing to switch to diet. That’s why those “zero sugar” flavors of popular beverage brands from Coca-Cola to Pepsi to even Canada Dry exist.  Now, there is another well-known brand to throw […]

Here’s a combination you never thought would come to life: Pepsi-Cola and Peeps candy. Now, it appears to be happening, according to People, as Pepsi is planning to “deliver a new marshmallow-flavored soda” with cans that are in three colors that are based on different Peeps flavors that are so popular around Easter (not to […]

Using what God gave you never rang more true for Cynthia Jackson who is using her gifts and inquiries to create inspirational brands the whole family can enjoy. 

One popular chain is getting in on the St. Patrick’s Day festivities this year, however they will be presented, by offering something a lot of people can’t resist…doughnuts! Krispy Kreme is celebrating the day through some freebies that will get a lot of fans and customers feeling irish. From WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland: Now […]

Let’s face it – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is addictive!  Who can’t resist the combination of chocolate with peanut butter filling inside.  It makes for a great paring. Now, there is a “new take on the classic snack” that has now taken the treat on another level. The once-unthinkable idea of an all-peanut butter version […]

The top 3 resolutions women make for the New Year are to exercise more, eat better, and lose weight. When all three are done together, you have the formula for an effective lifestyle change. Unfortunately, very few people stick to their declarations to manage their health. Fitness expert Cierra Craig’s experience with a fluctuating diet […]

The holiday season is among us and despite the coronavirus pandemic, travel is still up. Whether you’re traveling by plane or car, there are now extra precautions to take not only for yourself, but for your pets traveling with you.