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5 Protective Hairstyles To Rock During Any Season

Source: Courtesy of Design Essentials / Courtesy of Design Essentials

In a world full of chaos, protective hairstyles bring peace. Eliminating the daily anxiety of tackling your hair is a luxury we all deserve. Protective styles are for you whether you’re starting school, going on vacation, or just wanting to keep it cute in anticipation of anything popping off.

Protective hairstyles are braided hairdos that protect your hair from everyday manipulation. These hairstyles have been a staple in the African American community for centuries. Braids started as an escape map from slavery. They have now evolved into a popular hairstyle worn by many cultures in a myriad of ways. From braided up-dos to long faux locs, protective styles are popular because they offer variety, style, and convenience.

So, if you want a break from your everyday hair routine or need a trendy look for your next outing, these five protective styles can add spunk to your summer, fall, winter, or spring look. And don’t forget to check out great products from retailers specializing in protective styling hair care, like Design Essentials, to keep your hairstyle intact.

Let’s get into your new hairdo!

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1. Protective Style Ponytail

Protective Style Ponytail Source:Courtesy of Design Essentials

Nothing says chic more than a slick ponytail. This alluring hairstyle can fit an occasion. Whether it’s a formal soiree or a backyard barbecue, you’ll be ready with this look.

2. Knotless Braids

Knotless Braids Source:Courtesy of Design Essentials

You can never go wrong with knotless braids. This stress-free style is versatile and doesn’t cause tension on your hair. Wear them up in a high ponytail or all the way down your rump. 

3. Faux Locs

Faux Locs Source:Courtesy of Design Essentials

Faux Locs are for those who want the loc look but not the commitment. This sexy, protective style takes your braided look to the next level.

4. Stich Braids

Stich Braids Source:Courtesy of Design Essentials

These creative braids are for the fun girls who love edgy looks. Rock these braids with your favorite hair accessories for a jazzy hair look.

5. Braids and A Bun

Braids and A Bun Source:Marsha B.

If you’re not into a full head of braids, try this braid and a bun look. It allows you to have two hairstyles in one, and you switch the look up to create more than one hairstyle.