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Fit and active woman in lotus position sitting on the floor in the living room at home. Young spiritual female meditating while relaxing her mind, body, and spirit to reach a calm state of asana

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Self-care. We hear the word tossed around more than ever, given today’s bleak political and social landscape. But taking care of yourself shouldn’t be just a daily buzzword. It’s imperative, especially with so much going on in the world today, from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to the growing Monkey Pox health crisis. We have to keep our minds and surroundings clear.

Prioritizing self-care can come in many forms. Like Yoga? Do more of that ish! In love with the open outdoors? Organize a fun wilderness get away with your close gal pals, and disengage from the outside world. Keeping a healthy mind, body, and spirit is essential to living a fulfilled life. If we’re being honest, I’ve fallen guilty of saturating my daily life with other things, causing me to forget the important stuff like spending time with family, catching up with close friends, and reminiscing with granny over a piece of her mind-blowing red velvet cake. The work, sleep, and repeat cycle can get momentous, and if your schedule is jam-packed like mine, you may forget to pencil in some much need self-care time.

For me, self-care comes in the form of exercise, excessive sleep, and healthy food choices. Like many of us, the pandemic lockdown left me with a few extra pounds that I didn’t previously have. I decided to make a change and enrolled in a fun boxing class to help me shed the weight. I saw the difference almost immediately. Now, I wake up with much more energy and vigor – enough to last until I end my busy work schedule. I can think sharper and more clearly, too! But I couldn’t stop there. Changing my workout routine ultimately pushed me to examine the food I was eating. Those cookies and carby treats had to go. Now, I’m finding balance by incorporating leafy greens and fresh fruits into my daily meals. Have you ever tried a fruit salad, sis? If not, you’re missing out!

Now that I’m on this exciting health and wellness journey, I’ve been itching to try different self-care hacks and routines that will help me keep my mind, body, and spirit in complete harmony. In our latest cover story with Omarion, the unbothered R&B singer said he starts his morning with the gym, sun salutations, and Shambhavi. What the heck is Shambhavi, you ask? Let’s find out more about some unusual self-care trends that’ll give you the perfect amount of zen.

6 Unusual Self Care Hacks To Cleanse Your Spirit, Body & Space  was originally published on

1. Shambhavi Meditation

Shambhavi Meditation Source:Getty
Shambhavi Meditation, or Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya, is a yoga practice that includes deep breathing and meditation techniques. Some say the unique form of meditation can help unlock your third eye and promote more energy. The technique is known to decrease stress levels in people after prolonged implementation.

2. Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations Source:Getty
According to, Sun Salutations is a yoga practice that can help lengthen and strengthen your bodyCore positions include Mountain Pose and Downward Facing Dog, two popular Yoga exercises known to improve cardiovascular health and prevent fatigue. You might even shed a few pounds and burn calories from doing Sun Salutations regularly.

3. Taking Care Of Plants

Taking Care Of Plants Source:Getty

Hear me out on this one. Taking care of the plants can be very therapeutic and a great self-care routine. Growing a plant holds similarities to personal growth in our life. Plant the seed, cultivate the ground with water and fertilizer and watch that thing grow! Planting particular kinds of plants might provide some great health benefits, too.

According to Healthline, Lavender plants are known to improve energy and neutralize harmful indoor chemicals. They can also help you flourish mentally, physically and spiritually.  Are you currently caring for an Aloe Vera plant? You can cut off the leaves to treat burns, cuts or scars.


4. Snail Cream

Snail Cream Source:Getty

It sounds disgusting, but snail cream is blowing up in the beauty world and has some surprising benefits, too.

When snails get ticked off, they secrete a slimy substance called mucin to protect themselves from sun damage and bacteria. Some people are using the unusual substance to fight back against skin inflammation. It is also used to help fade dark spots and scars.

If pampering is a part of your self-care routine, try this one out with your dermatologist’s approval.  


5. Sage Burning Ritual

Sage Burning Ritual Source:Getty

Need to clear your space of bad vibes and energy? Try burning some sage. This Native American tradition has been used for centuries to cleanse the environment of bad energy. It has also been used to generate wisdom and healing in people searching for clarity.


6. Chanting/ Spiritual Mantras

Chanting/ Spiritual Mantras Source:Getty

The power of reciting daily affirmations or mantras can help you drastically improve the quality of your life. According to INC, some people chant spiritual mantras to improve their listening skills and to heighten their energy levels. Sound can also be used to promote healing. Try doing a Humming Bee Breath during your next meditation session. Here’s how to do it, according to Chopra.

  • Sit comfortably with your spine erect and close your eyes.
  • Close your ears with either your index or middle fingers.
  • Lightly press your lips together and slightly open your teeth.
  • Bring the inner gaze into the Ajna (sixth) chakra.
  • Breathe in through your nose.
  • As you exhale, make a smooth, even, humming sound, like the sound of a bumblebee.
  • Continue for 3 to 5 minutes feeling the vibration throughout the body.