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The Super Bowl is one of the largest television events in the world and For most artists, performing during the halftime show is the height of stardom.

Many of us know that ads during the Super Bowl can exceed $5M for a 30-second commercial and although performers are not paid for their performances during the halftime show, the visibility and notoriety is the reward!

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There has never been a gospel artist to headline the Super Bowl halftime show as very few artists are mainstream enough to appeal to both Christians and non-Christians. Black gospel and inspirational music is a very niche genre, and though the music is extremely popular and very respected among skin folk, to the wider audience that attends and tunes into the event, it would probably garner mixed reviews.

Nonetheless, there are quite a few gospel artists who have the charisma, talent, and skill to rock one of the biggest stages.

From Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary to Todd Dulaney and Travis Greene, below is a list of gospel artists who would give a great halftime show performance.

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1. Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin would be an excellent choice. As a gospel artist whose music can be heard across Urban, Urban AC, and Inspiration stations across the nation, he would be a great fit to appeal to the different audiences that tune into the Super Bowl. 

2. Mary Mary

Mary Mary also has some similarities to Kirk Franklin in terms that their music can be heard across various stations including Urban, Urban AC, and Inspiration. With hits like Shackles, God In Me, and Can’t Give Up Now, they have songs that can get anyone moving. 

3. Sunday Service Choir

With ties to Kanye West and beautiful renditions of classic songs, the Sunday Service Choir would be a wonderful fit for the Super Bowl with their energy and voices. 

4. Maverick City

Maverick City has gained a lot of popularity and notoriety over the years after racking and with their contemporary sound, they would be a great fit to perform at the Super Bowl. 


5. Ricky Dillard

Ricky Dillard is well respected across the gospel community. His talent can be dated back decades and his high energy would be great for any show especially the Super Bowl. 

6. Todd Dulaney

Similar to Maverick City, Todd Dulaney has a contemporary sound that could appeal to the Super Bowl audience. 

7. Tye Tribbet

Tye Tribbet is a respected figure in the Black gospel community and has many hits that would be perfect for the Super Bowl. He also has a ton of energy that can get the audience moving. 

8. Hezekiah Walker

Hezekiah Walker would be an excellent halftime performer as he is also extremely respected and talented. His songs like “Every Praise” and “Better” could be heard on radios for years and he has a number of hits that rock the crowd. 

9. Koryn Hawthorne

Koryn Hawthorne has a younger following which would be perfect for the Super Bowl’s mixed audience as her music gives a non-traditional gospel sound. 

10. Donald Lawrence

Donald Lawrence’s music has many different sounds all of which would be perfect for the Super Bowl. From praise and worship to choir hits, Donald Lawrence would be an excellent fit.

11. Yolanda Adams

Yolanda Adams’s voice has been heard on the Super Bowl stage so it would make sense that she would be an amazing choice for a halftime performer. 

12. JJ Hairston

JJ Hairston has a lot of classics that make him an excellent choice for a Super Bowl halftime show contender. Additionally. he has the energy and charisma that makes his performances that much better. 

13. Fred Hammond

Fred Hammond knows he has nothing but hits therefore he would be a great option for the Super Bowl halftime show!

14. The Winans Family

The well-respected and immensely talented Winad Family has been bringing us hits for decades. They deserves all of their flowers and would be a great fit for the Super Bowl. 

15. James Hall

Similar to Ricky Dillard, James Hall has been blessing Black households and churches for decades. Not only does he have the talent to be a Super Bowl halftime performer, he has the talent and the creative direction that would appeal the audience. 

16. Jekalyn Carr

Jekalyn Carr has such a powerful voice and presence it’s hard to not take notice. Though she’s still fairly young, she has been singing for years and has a number of songs that would make her a great contender for the Super Bowl. 

17. Jonathan Nelson

Jonathan Nelson’s charisma just makes you happy. He would be able to appeal to a lot of different backgrounds with his music and talent. 

18. Israel Houghton

Israel Houghton has always appealed to a large audience and his music can arguably be heard by all backgrounds. With that, he would be a great fit. 

19. Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Tasha Cobbs Leonard has been mixing inspiration and urban for a few years and with that she’s been able to reach different audiences making her a great choice for the Super Bowl. 

20. Vincent Bohanan

Vincent Bohanan is fairly new to the gospel scene but with his contemporary sound that also has a traditional feel, he would be a great contender for the Super Bowl halftime show.