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Happy Birthday to our forever President Barack Obama! Things just haven’t been the same since he left the White House. Today, we celebrate with our favorite smiling photos of Barack Obama inside.


Whenever you’re downing the dumps about life and the turmoil our country faces today, just think of our former Chief Of Staff, Barack Obama.

Barack always seems to have a smile on his face, and he’s the main President who actually would be justified in walking around mad and moppy.


He’s dealt with more in his Presidency than the current Head Of State could ever fathom.  From school shootings to dealing with racism at the hands of Congress, Barack has seen it all, yet his charming smile remained unchanged.

Michelle Obama once said, “When I’m happier and healthier, my family is happier and healthier, and it affects how I interact with my friends and the people I work with. So I’ve freed myself to say, yes, I can make choices that make me happy, and that will ripple out and be good for the people I love as well.”

Looks like her hubby agrees. Let’s honor a time when it wasnt so difficult to crack a smile. Check out these sweet and swagging photos of Barack Obama’s grinning it up.

Check out a gallery of our forever President to celebrate his 60th birthday below:

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1. Look Up, Barack! Say Cheese!

Look Up, Barack! Say Cheese! Source:Getty

2. Hat’s Off to His Smile

Hat's Off to His Smile Source:Getty


SMILE! Source:Getty

4. A Charming Leo

A Charming Leo Source:Getty

5. Full of Life

Full of Life Source:Getty

6. A Man of the People

A Man of the People Source:Getty

7. Obama’s Dashing Smile

Obama's Dashing Smile Source:Getty

8. In His Happy Place

In His Happy Place Source:Getty

9. Cheesing With the Bidens

Cheesing With the Bidens Source:Getty

10. His Fave Pose With A Dash of Smile

His Fave Pose With A Dash of Smile Source:Getty

11. Happy With His Eldest

Happy With His Eldest Source:Getty

12. *Jadakiss Laugh*

*Jadakiss Laugh* Source:Getty

13. Happy Wife, Happy Life

Happy Wife, Happy Life Source:Getty

14. Love to See It

Love to See It Source:Getty

15. Caught in the Moment

Caught in the Moment Source:Getty

16. Bundled Up, Still Smiling

Bundled Up, Still Smiling Source:Getty

17. Even In Business, He’s Cheesing

Even In Business, He's Cheesing Source:Getty

18. The Many Faces of Barack

The Many Faces of Barack Source:Getty

19. Smiling Hard

Smiling Hard Source:Getty

20. Joking With MJ

Joking With MJ Source:Getty

21. In NYC, Smiling…

In NYC, Smiling... Source:Getty

22. Even With This Guy, He’s All Smiles

Even With This Guy, He's All Smiles Source:Getty

23. Dashing Once Again

Dashing Once Again Source:Getty

24. Happily Handing Out Medals to Tom Hanks

Happily Handing Out Medals to Tom Hanks Source:Getty

25. Barack’s NWTS Cover

Barack's NWTS Cover Source:Getty

26. Shaking Hands, Smiling Faces

Shaking Hands, Smiling Faces Source:Getty

27. All Smiles

All Smiles Source:Getty

28. Obama Cheesing With Bill Clinton

Obama Cheesing With Bill Clinton Source:Getty

29. On the Green

On the Green Source:Getty

30. Touring the Great Sights

Touring the Great Sights Source:Getty

31. On Air With A Big Grin

On Air With A Big Grin Source:Getty

32. Even Through the Hard Times, He’s Happy

Even Through the Hard Times, He's Happy Source:Getty

33. Happy, Happy!

Happy, Happy! Source:Getty