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The past few days have been mind-boggling for many across the world, whether you’re a family man, a single mom of four or an avid basketball fan for a particular team in Los Angeles. Either way, the gut-wrenching cardiac arrest scare that affected the family of NBA icon LeBron James by way of his 18-year-old son, Bronny James, is still sending chills all across America.

Thankfully, we can now report straight from LeBron himself that Bronny is doing fine and on the path to recovery.


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James, 38, sent out a heartfelt “X” earlier today to show gratitude for the outpour of love his family has received since word first broke of his son’s heart attack on Monday (July 24), writing, “I want to thank the countless people sending my family love and prayers. We feel you and I’m so grateful. Everyone doing great. We have our family together, safe and healthy, and we feel your love. Will have more to say when we’re ready but I wanted to tell everyone how much your support has meant to all of us! #JamesGang👑

Bronny was discharged from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center earlier today (July 27), and is reportedly at home resting up. Consulting cardiologist Dr. Merije Chukumerije said in a statement issued out by the hospital, “Mr. James was cared for promptly by highly-trained staff and has been discharged home, where he is resting. Although his workup will be ongoing, we are hopeful for his continued progress and are encouraged by his response, resilience, and his family and community support.” He credits “the swift and effective response by the USC athletics’ medical staff” for quite possibly saving the 6’3 teen prodigy’s life.

While details are still unclear on whether it was a blow to the chest that caused an unusual cardiac event or a deeper genetic issue that could possibly affect his meteoritic rise in professional basketball, what we do know is that whatever Young Bron decides will be met with love from all those around him.

Those at home, in particular.


As we send prayers to The James family during these trying times, we’d also like to send blessings along to the Black America Web family as a whole with a few tips that could help you or a loved one during a cardiac arrest crisis. They might seem simple, but think of these as a healthy reminder that can work as your digital heart attack kit. No need to thank us in the least bit.

Take a look below at 7 helpful health tips worth knowing when it comes to being proactive in the case of cardiac arrest:


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AED...ASAP! Source:Getty

Whether getting certified or just being able to locate one in an emergency, that little red box can be the difference between life and death. 

2. Take A CPR Class

Take A CPR Class Source:Getty

CPR is way more than just pumping on someone’s chest, and you can certainly do more damage if you don’t know where to apply pressure. Watching videos and going the step further to take a class is worth the time.

3. Watch For Warning Signs

Watch For Warning Signs Source:Getty

Never ignore the little things, or feel like you can “tough it out.” Always pay attention to the signs being sent off by your body.

4. Always Call 911

Always Call 911 Source:Getty

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprise at how many people actually fear calling 9-1-1, especially if the cardiac arrest is drug-related. No matter the circumstances, always call the people being paid to help us in emergencies.

5. Find Aspirin If It’s An Emergency

Find Aspirin If It's An Emergency Source:Getty

Although not a cure, aspirin is one of the oldest and most effective ways to help someone having a heart attack while they’re waiting for emergency care. 

6. Keep Nitroglycerin On Standby

Keep Nitroglycerin On Standby Source:Getty

It’s not a common household drug cabinet essential, but having Nitroglycerin on deck can be life-saving in more serious cases. It doesn’t hurt to have it.

7. Know ‘Our’ Health

Know 'Our' Health Source:Radio One

Black people in general experience things differently than other races due to our unique genetic makeup, and it’s worth being informed on how all this melanin is affecting our bodies everyday.

We just so happen to have a podcast called Black Health 365 that keeps you in the loop on statistics in heart health, weight, diet and more.