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With social-distancing in full-effect, most of us are stuck in our homes, slowly starting to lose our minds. First, if you live alone, isolation can be real. And if you live with your kids, partner or extended family members, after time, folks can really start to get on your nerves.

Sadly, this has become the new norm. Think: We might be stuck inside for the next two to 18 months! But it’s that uncertainty that got us thinking: If we had to be trapped inside— indefinitely— because of the coronavirus pandemic, who would it be with and where?

Outside of this list of fine brothas, one person I wouldn’t mind being stuck with is Tanya Sam AND one place would be the tech wizard’s closet. First off, The Real Housewives of Atlanta gal pal is nothing but pure positive energy, which is exactly what we need in these dire times.

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(Could you imagine having to be stuck with Kenya and her Cookie Lady nonsense? I just couldn’t do it)


Meanwhile, Tanya is infectious, hilarious, can be silly and will GET LIT on a cocktail or two during virtual happy hour, so you know you would never get bored. Most importantly, in between writing my articles and playing Candy Crush, I could frolic in her closet ALL DAY! TRUST: it’s a nice closet to play in…way better than mine.

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Tanya just has this amazing sense of style that is an eclectic blend of high-end designers such as Christian Dior, Jimmy Choo and Miu Miu, but she isn’t afraid to find that steal for $100 or less either. There’s never a Louboutin heel too high, a wrap dress pattern too bold or a Chanel bag too big for Ms. Thing. She’s literally a fashion superhero who fears no fabric, a boxy shoulder or even an acid jean, ’cause she will always conquer it with grace, class and a smile.

“It’s like putting on your superhero cape,” she joked with Essence in February. “Mine may be Oscar de la Renta, but that doesn’t make it any less Marvel Comics superhero than Captain America.”

What’s her secret? Her motherland roots.

“Africans are always stylish, especially Ghanaians,” she joked, adding, “We drip, and that’s a historical drip. It’s in our bones to be stylish.”

Come through queen. Take a look at what I’m talking about:

Why Can’t I Be Trapped Inside Tanya Sam’s Closet During The Quarantine?  was originally published on

1. Greek Goddess Steez

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

During the RHOA trip to Greece, Tanya stunned in this silver beauty.

2. The Category Is…

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

…South African swag, clearly. Please and thank you.

3. Safari Chic

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

Listen, a tiger could have come up and tried to eat her, but she is going to make sure she is going out in style…and with a Louis Vuitton belt fastened around her snatched waist.

4. Acid Rain

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

I adore almost everything this woman has ever worn, but this two-piece acid rain ensemble perfectly paired with those yellow pumps? It’s my absolute favorite.

5. Carnival Cutie

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

Even her hanging out, cookout carnival gear is an entire STUNT!

6. Bow Down

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

“Guess the high and low,” she said on IG. It’s all fab to me!

7. Haute Hi-Rise Couture

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

Sis, also has never met an over-the-knee high heeled boot she hasn’t liked either.

8. I’ll Take A Splash (Of Color)

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

These red crocodile boots are the perfect way to provide a pop of color with all-black look.

9. Up, Up & Away!

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

I love a good cape! It can definitely make you feel like Super Woman.

10. Lady In Red

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

This is just…wow.

11. Ole!

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

Come through puffy sleeves!

12. High Tea

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

Tanya is also gonna give you some of her British side too, pinkies up!

13. Grocery Run Garb

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

It wouldn’t surprise me if this was her Trader Joe’s outfit. LOL

14. Sparkle And Shine!

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

This is perfection.

15. Flirty Fun

Source:Instagram (@itstanyatime)

Not everyone can get away with Fluorescent yellow, but Tanya can!