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Join Dr. Matthew L. Jones of the Concord Baptist Church as he presents a series called: The Gateway to Developing a Wholesome and Whole Person. Wholesome means approved and acceptable by man and by God. Whole means – not fragmented – complete. Our community is fragmented with many problems and crime and death. But there is a process that will change our situation. We did not get into this condition overnight, and it will not be resolved overnight. But, we can resolve it by the next generation. How hard is it to teach somebody to love themselves when the whole fabric of our society is telling you that you are nobody, that Black lives do not matter, that you are not worth anything? The truth of the matter is that it is very hard to do, BUT, it can be done! Dr. Jones will be Sharing with you information on developing a wholesome and whole child. The Gateway to Developing a Wholesome and Whole Person will provide some illustrations with periodic participation of the children from Concord Baptist Church Saturday School program.

Let Dr. Jones Take You to childhood development treasures guaranteed to pay dividends in our children future.

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