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Candle Light Vigil Held For 9-Year-Old Shot And Killed In Chicago

Tyshawn Lee, a nine-year-old from Chicago, made headlines last year after he was brutally executed in a gangland style murder inside an alleyway near his grandmother’s house. Two men, Dwight Boone-Doty and Corey Morgan, were arrested and have been in custody since last November. A third man, Kevin Edwards, was an accomplice who eluded police capture over the last seven months. Today, Edwards was arrested in Dansville, Illinois, about 150 miles outside of Chicago.

“Captain Michael Hartshorn of the Vermilion County sheriff’s office tells PEOPLE that Edwards was a passenger in the backseat of a car stopped for a traffic violation and allegedly ran off during the stop. A police officer chased him down about a block away. Edwards allegedly gave a false name to the officer at the scene but then gave his real name while in custody, at which point officers discovered his warrant in Chicago.”

Tyshawn was a target of the three men because of his father’s, Pierre Stokes, gang ties. Stokes was charged with aggravated battery and weapons charges for the shooting of three people, one of which said to be Corey Morgan’s girlfriend, on “the same day authorities held a detailed press conference on Tyshawn’s death.

It’s far-fetched to believe the capture of Tyshawn’s killers will bring any major relief to his family. At the very least, they may finally be able to have some closure.


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