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The country may be in an extreme state of unrest, but there is some good news to come about courtesy of the U.S. Mint. The United States Mint is set to release a commemorative gold coin soon and it will feature a welcomed dose of #blackgirlmagic.

As reported by the New York Times, in April of this year the U.S. Mint will release a commemorative gold coin that will feature Lady Liberty as a black woman, no, that’s not a typo. Within the next few months you will officially have some melanin with your money and it couldn’t come a better time, given the racial and social tensions the country is going through right now.

Not only will this be the first time that Lady Liberty is depicted other than white on any of our nation’s currency, the coin is part of a full commemorative series. The coins will be released every two years and will feature Lady Liberty as Asian, Hispanic and Indian as well. The U.S. Mint states that it is doing this “to reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the United States.”

Rhett Jeppson, Principal Deputy Director of the U.S. Mint, said in a statement exactly why this commemorative coin series was decided to feature minorities, saying “Part of our intent was to honor our tradition and heritage. But we also think it’s always worthwhile to have a conversation about liberty, and we certainly have started that conversation.” Elisa Bassnight, Chief of Staff at the U.S. Mint, went on to add “as we as a nation continue to evolve, so does Liberty’s representation.”

It’s important to note that these coins (worth $100) are collector’s items and not made for daily spending, but instead to be cherished and passed down to future generations, which is perhaps the best way to honor a coin as special as this one.


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