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It goes without saying that anything related to Donald Trump is in some sort of way attached to controversy, and apparently that rings true when it comes to “Blacks For Trump” founder Maurice Symonette.


A 2020 report from The Intercept resurfaced recently that claims Symonette was allegedly part of a violent Miami-based cult under the leadership of Yahweh ben Yahweh. The report claims Yahweh and his “Temple of Love” followers conceived a plot to sacrifice 14 white people for an initiation ritual under a Hebrew Israelite belief system. Symonette, at the time going under the name Maurice Woodside, was one of the followers charged in two murders but managed to get acquitted.

More on Symonette’s loyalty to Yahweh ben Yahweh below, via The Intercept:

“His online sermons and writings suggest that he still sees himself as a follower of the cult leader, who died in 2007. In July, for instance, he declared on Facebook that he had received a divinely inspired cure for Covid-19 from the late cult leader. ‘I Michael can teach & give the World & Pres. Trump the Conquerer of Pharaoh the gift from YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH which is the true cure for Corona,’ Symonette wrote. Before turning over this cure, he added, ‘we must remove the Conquered Pharaoh Magician’s FAUCI.’”

His support for Trump and Yahweh coincided in another Facebook post from 2019 where he pleaded for the former President to pardon his now-deceased cult leader in exchange for votes that would guarantee Trump’s re-election for the next 12 years. If that wasn’t farfetched enough, he went on to claim that Trump’s political rise was preordained, writing, “in 1984 Yahweh said that Trump is the Prophecy of the European King Cyrus who will help Deliver us out of Babylon & vindicate God’s People!”

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It appears this all came to a head recently after “Blacks For Trump” trended on Twitter a few days ago following a recent Trump rally in Arizona where many attendees could be seen wearing T-shirts adorned with the tagline. Many felt it was staged being that supporters were in view of the camera as the controversial ex-U.S. President gave his first speech of 2022.

Although it’s not surprising that Trump would once again attract such a “decorated” character, we truly hope he doesn’t revert back to his alleged sadistic ways of belief.

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