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Things can get tough for Black people in the workplace on many levels, especially those who have to deal with racial microaggressions from coworkers.

Unfortunately a 25-year-old Black woman from England experienced that the hard way after catching the caucasian employees at her management company making all sorts of prejudice generalizations about the way our people smell and the haircare practices of Black woman specifically.


As reported by The Mirror, Janika Frimpong managed to record a racist conversation between two of her white colleagues after unintentionally leaving her phone recording after walking away from her desk at work. One female can be heard asking the other if she noticed that Frimpong had a “fried oil smell,” which prompted the second woman to suggest it might be “cocoa butter” and the first one going on to add that “Black people have a smell about them.” The second girl then frankly adds, “You know, Black girls don’t wash their hair.”

Here’s more info on the situation and how it’s affected Janika personally, via The Mirror:

“Janika was working as a receptionist at services company Mitie who provided outsourced reception and concierge services to Legal & General.

Janika claims she became so distressed by the comments it affected her mental health and she left her job on January 10.

She told The Mirror: ‘I felt drained and unhappy working there and at times I would have panic attacks from the sheer hurt.’

Janika bravely shared the horrific voice recording taken in December in which two women can be heard having a racist exchange.”

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Frimpong says this is her first experience of racism and discrimination in the workplace, and thankfully by sharing her story it’s led to an outpouring of love and support plus an internal investigation into the matter. Let’s hope justice is properly served.


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