ABC debuted its upcoming series teasers yesterday (May 18) including a comedic pilot entitled Abbott Elementary starring Quinta Brunson as a second grade teacher named Janine Teagues.

The Wonder Years reboot on ABC has cast actor Elisha "EJ" Williams as lead for the pilot episode. ABC shared a heartwarming video where Savage calls Elisha over Zoom to essentially "pass the torch" and share the good news that he had landed the role in the brand new Wonder Years reboot series. 

Barbara Fedida, who served as the business affairs chief for ABC News, was fired for a series of "unacceptable racially insensitive comments" she made to several Black women co-workers who are on-air talents.

Ex-casting producer Jazzy Collins accused ABC's popular romance reality show of only choosing “ethnically ambiguous” women of color as contestants.

Who didn’t love Schoolhouse Rock! every Saturday morning on ABC? The songs left an indelible impression on children, young and old. Well, the voice of many of the songs from Schoolhouse Rock!\, Jazz trumpeter and singer Jack Sheldon, passed away passed away on December 27, 2019. He was best known as the behind such songs […]

In a new episode of ABC News’ Journeys Of Faith With Paula Farris, Bishop T.D. Jakes opened up about some of his life’s darkest moments and how they strengthened his faith in God. Referring to his new book, Jakes says, “Life has a lot of ways to crush us. And the reason I wrote the […]

The show is inspired by the real-life couple pastors Tourè Robers and his wife, Sarah Jakes-Roberts.