Life needs perspective. Malcolm X learned that when he traveled to Mecca to take his pilgrimage in April 1964. After Malcolm was suspended from the Nation of Islam in 1963, he set his sights on a new chapter.

Malikah Shabazz, one of Malcolm X's six daughters, was found dead in her Brooklyn, New York, home Monday, as reported the NYPD.

Two of the three men convicted of killing one of the most influential Black leaders and civil rights activist in the fight against racism, Malcolm X, are expected to have their convictions thrown out tomorrow on Thursday. As one of the most notorious and monstrous murders of the civil rights era, The Manhattan district attorney […]

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Malcolm X’s daughter Ilyasah Shabazz is working on a television series about his coming of age journey.

The family held a news conference over the weekend and read a letter said to be written by a Black undercover officer who claimed that the NYPD and FBI worked in tandem to take down the leader.

Malcolm X Assassination Is Being Reinvestigated The Manhattan district attorney’s office announced on Monday that they will look back into the assassination of Malcolm X following the new findings uncovered in the Netflix docuseries centered around his death. According to reports from CNN, in the doc, Who Killed Malcolm X?, historian Abdur-Rahman Muhammad calls into question […]

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A Black woman in North Carolina was arrested and charged over the most ridiculous event, all which took place on her private property.