Disgraced former mayor Catherine Pugh has plead guilty to perjury. Remember you can always take WOLB 1010 with you wherever you go by listening live online or via our app. Pugh has already been sentenced to three years in federal prison over the scandal involving her “Healthy Holly” children’s books. She’ll spend an additional 6 […]

Subpoenas give some answers to what the FBI and IRS agents took from former Mayor Catherine Pugh’s homes and City Hall office on April 25. Agents were seen taking out boxes filled with things like laptops, cell phones, and lots of documents. Among the seizures are an invoice and check from the University of Maryland […]

UPDATE 5/2/19 9:00 AM EST: According to the AFRO newspaper, Mayor Catherine Pugh said she will resign as mayor of Baltimore Thursday. This revelation was made during a one-on-on between the mayor and AFRO Publisher and CEO Frances “Toni” Draper Wednesday. She was at the mayor’s home responding to an invitation to a pop-up prayer […]


We’re hearing from Mayor Catherine Pugh’s lawyer after federal agents raided her home and several businesses Thursday. CBS Baltimore reports Pugh was home at when the FBI and IRS arrived and met with her legal team once they left. Attorney Steve Silverman said the mayor is physically ill and emotionally saddened. He said she apologized […]

In his fourth week as Baltimore’s Mayor Ex-Officio, Bernard C. “Jack” Young has now stopped just short of calling for the resignation of Mayor Catherine Pugh. The city’s Acting Mayor Jack Young insists he won’t be asking Pugh to resign – but he did tell WYPR he would “hate to see her come back.” Pugh continues […]

The Baltimore City Council has sent a letter to Mayor Catherine Pugh urging her to resign from her position immediately. The 14 members of the Baltimore City Council except for Acting Mayor Jack Young signed the letter. It comes just after a spokesman announced that she would return to City Hall as soon as her […]

Former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is speaking out about the current state of the city and the controversy surrounding current Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh. “I can’t imagine what [Pugh] is going through,” Dixon told CBS Baltimore. “So to not give love versus hate, which I see happening everywhere, doesn’t help the situation.” See Also: What’s Next […]


A lawyer for Baltimore city Mayor Catherine Pugh says the state prosecutor has opened a criminal investigation into the sales of the “Healthy Holly” books. That’s according to the Baltimore Sun. Related: Audit to Begin on UMMS Board Business Dealings However, the state prosecutor, Emmet Davitt, said Monday he can neither confirm nor deny an investigation. […]


Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is temporarily stepping away from the role as Mayor starting midnight Tuesday. See Also: Mayor Catherine Pugh Returns Money For Book Deal With UMMS This comes as fallout continues over the mayor’s book deal for her “Healthy Holly” books while she was a member of the University of Maryland Medical System board. […]

Certainly sending prayers up for Baltimore City Mayor Catherine Pugh. The Mayor has been diagnosed with pneumonia, and a release from the City of Baltimore Monday said Pugh was diagnosed with infection and that she has been instructed by her physician to rest until she fully recovers. She is currently in an area hospital and […]