His family believes his sentencing was not fair in comparison to similar crimes. 

The congregation of First Baptist Church in Houston are still in shock after their former pastor, Jerrell Altic was sentenced for embezzling.

Thousands of women being trafficked found freedom with the help of a South Korean pastor known as the "Asian Schindler."

South Dallas pastor Bryan Carter of Concord Church has a message for couples who’ve been living together but aren’t married: get married or move out. Many couples at Carter’s church have taken on his challenge. “It’s radical. It can be a little bit in your face if you’re not careful. But our hope is to […]

Authorities have discovered that Dallas pastor Eugene Keahey killed himself after starting a fire that claimed the lives of his wife and two of his daughters. Keahey, who was a pastor at Mount Zion Church of Sand Brand, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound according to the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office. Keahey’s wife, Deanna, and daughter, Camryn, […]

According to the Christian Post, Rev. Al LeShon decided to give the members of New Life Fellowship in Virginia something like she's never seen before.

Church members being scammed out of money by fake pastors and priests becoming a trend.

Pastor under fire for "raising man from dead," but family mentioned they saw movement from the coffin before burial.

Detective Vernon Allan Richardson was known for the work he did as a police detective and children's minister.