Sarah Jakes Roberts and her longtime stylist J. Bolin teamed up to bring the holiday flare for our "Holiday" issue.

In our Holiday Issue cover story, Sarah Jakes Roberts opens up to journalist Candice Benbow about her Women Evolve brand, flamboyant style and how God's anointing over her life has made her a vessel for his word.

The beloved preacher breaks down her brand new book 'Woman Evolve' and more.

We all can learn and live by quotes of Sarah Jakes Roberts.

Sarah Jakes Roberts talks about her new book, "Dont Settle For Safe."

After revealing that she was experiencing some apprehension about having a third child, a first with her newlywed husband Pastor Touré Roberts, Sarah Jakes Roberts announced that she gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday. Jakes has been transparent about her pregnancy journey since last summer and has shared the emotions she has experienced […]