One of most used social media companies is trying out a brand new feature that could potentially give users a chance to express their true feelings on a status or update. Twitter is testing out a new ‘dislike’ feature as a button to give those with an option to simply not like anything that is […]

Well, this was unexpected, but it makes total sense in today's age of social media.

Twitter reportedly tried to drop a rather larger bag for the Clubhouse app.


Twitter finally got some courage and permanently banned Donald Trump from the site.

Fleets are Twitter's answer to Instagram and Snapchat's stories and allow users to post "disappearing tweets."

Twitter Is Going After Inactive Accounts To Free Up Unused Handles Have you ever been pining after a Twitter username and gone to the account that has is, only to realize that person hasn’t even tweeted in 3 years? Well, today’s your lucky day because according to the people over at Twitter, they’re finally doing […]

If you go by its Twitter use, Maryland is the second most stressed-out state in the country, according to a study by British health service provider Babylon. Their “National Stress” report ranked Maryland No. 2 for stress, behind only Alaska. About 11 percent of tweets in Maryland were classified as stressed. See Also: Several Baltimore High […]

Leave it to the Internet to turn #FlashbackFriday into a potential movie pitch session. A three-year-old photo has been making its rounds on social media of Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna sitting pretty in the front row of a Paris fashion week. Twitter pitched an entire action-comedy story-line based on the gorgeous pic. See below: Even […]