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Chrisette Michele

Source: The Belle Report / The Belle Report

TBR — Richmond, VA — (June 6, 2016) — Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist Chrisette Michele is wrapping up a short stay in Virginia.

Most recently the refined, jazz-inspired R & B singer and songwriter stopped by to see Sheilah Belle “The Belle” to talk about her new home church, her new house and her Gospel CD.

While she is known throughout the R & B and Jazz world, Michele got her start performing in front of a church congregation at the age of four.  No surprise there, since her father served as a Deacon and played the organ and her mother was the church’s choir director. Michele said, “Yes I grew up with a praying family, which is what I credit in helping me to get to where I am today.”

So while, she is promoting her latest release MILESTONE, she took some time out to stop by Praise 104.7FM, to talk with Sheilah Belle “The Belle”.  During her visit, she shared news that she had recently got engaged, became a member of Bishop TD Jakes Potter House in Dallas, TX and had recently cut a Gospel CD.

She was absolutely glowing. “I can’t help it she said. After we got engaged, one of the pastors at the church helped us find a home in Dallas, where we will be moving into around the same time the new CD is released.”

Michele said, “It was just so awesome, how the church embraced us.” Michelle also said she has been spending some time with Mali Music, Kim Burrell and Kirk Franklin.

With so much time with her Gospel buddies and a love for the church, we had to ask her “So can we expect a Gospel CD anytime soon?”  Quick to respond, she said, “We did record a Gospel Album just two months ago, however it wasn’t well received, but let me tell you why?”

“I think that my reach is for those who don’t know the Lord.  They don’t know the way!  They don’t know why I’m at peace.  They don’t know why I’m still standing in this industry.  And they don’t know it was prayer that got me through.  I think it’s those people who need to hear the message like that of MILESTONE and they also need to know I had and still have praying parents. I can bring that message to people who might not hear it everyday or who might not make it to church. So, I wrote this Gospel album with Mali Music and hung out with Kirk Franklin.  I also went to a few places to sing the music, but I just didn’t feel it was where I was suppose to be,” says Michelle.   She continued, “And even though Gospel music is great, I’d rather go to places where people are not hearing Gospel music and sing songs like “Total Praise.  Yessss, that’s where I feel I’m suppose to be.”

May we continue to keep our sister in prayer as God continues to guide her along her path!

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