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Source: The Washington Post / Getty

The fallout from last week’s treasonous insurrection spurred on by Donald Trump continues as authorities are now looking at actual police officers who might’ve participated and assisted in the failed vanilla isis coup de tat.


TMZ is reporting that the FBI are zeroing in on 10-12 members of the Capitol Police for allegedly helping the Trumpian mob carry out their terrorist attack in Washington. While everyone witnessed the Capitol 12 basically roll out the welcome mat to the rioters outside of the Capitol Building and open the gates up to them, the FBI fear they were a part of something “more nefarious.”

Yeah, we’re not surprised at all.
For the past four years Donald Trump has radicalized white supremacists across the board with his white nationalist rhetoric and everyone is aware that white supremacists favorite profession tend to be in law enforcement. Heck, even the Secret Service had to replace some of their agents protecting President-Elect Joe Biden due to fears that they’ve become Trump loyalists during this Trump era and might serve Joe up on a platter to their fellow cult members.
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But the FBI aren’t just looking at Capitol Police in their investigation as they’re also investigating whether or not staffers working in government buildings might’ve been a part of the domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol. Our money’s on “Yeah, more than likely.”

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