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Love loyalty and dedication to a marriage is a rare thing in the music industry. These days with the Ashley Madison scandals  involving hundred of pastors everyone is questioning men. Marvin Sapp was all those things to his wife  MaLinda  who passed away after a long battle with colon cancer.  Now, as a widow we get to see into a small window of how romantic Marvin truly is.

When faced with the struggle of his new status in life he is honest abut where he is emotionally! He is ready to move on in love. He says:

I do date. Dating is different though now. I was married my whole adult life. I got married at 25, so marriage is really all I know. Nowadays it seems like everyone is in a hurry to get married. After 90 days they want to know where it’s going. I come from the school of getting to know someone and taking it slow. Sometimes I just want to go out to dinner. I enjoy the companionship, but that doesn’t mean I want to walk you down the aisle

There you have it! He is the epitome of grown love that is faith centered. Each morning he writes a quick note to fans to start the day. Here are his most romantic notes that prove he has romance on lock!

Reason #1 He understand heartbreak and its place in our lives.


Marvin Sapp Note 2

Source: Marvin Sapp / Marvin Sapp Ministries

Reason #2 He is willing to go through the dark times with his love. He did that with Malinda.

Marvin Sapp Note 3

Source: Marvin Sapp / Marvin Sapp Ministries


Reason #3 Marvin understands that loyalty and patience are important even when you are not next to the person you are committed to.

Marvin Sapp Note 4

Source: Marvin Sapp / Marvin Sapp Ministries

Reason #4 You need to be ready and be with someone who is ready for love so that you can give 100% of your heart.


Marvin Sapp note 1

Source: Marvin Sapp / Marvin Sapp Ministries

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