About Willie Moore Jr.

Radio host, comedian, producer, speaker, and minister Willie Moore, Jr. is a visionary who is determined to
make a positive mark through music, media, and family entertainment. Willie Moore Jr. is a devoted husband
and father of three boys. He has impacted many through his media channels and opportunities to partner
with great ministries across the country including Joyce Meyer Ministries, Bishop Gary Macintosh of
Greenwood Christian Center, Bishop Dale C. Bronner’s Word of Faith Ministries and more.
As a recording artist, Moore consistently bridges the gap between the “street and the church.” Moore has graced stages around the world with music icons. Willie’s latest album “Best Of Both Worlds” debuted independently on 3 Billboard Charts and landed him on the Stellar Award Ballot.

https://www.instagram.com/p/B9z4qyiHFPi/ It seems like all anyone can talk about nowadays is the coronavirus, and a lot of people are in full on panic mode! Dr. Ian Smith called into the Willie Moore Jr. show to explain what’s really going on. He says that people should be “alarmed by Covid-19,” but we shouldn’t “panic.” He has […]

https://youtu.be/UOY0lmowxSo With all of the craziness surrounding us with the coronavirus, it can feel overwhelming or even hopeless. But, Willie Moore Jr, wants us all to know that “God’s got us.” We’ve been hearing that things are going to be shutting down and that things will get worse. But, the Bible says thet “God will […]

https://youtu.be/B69BUCYkpIc Gospel artist Briana Babineaux is a married woman now! She was very proud to announce that she is now Briana Fontenot as she gushed over her husband. They grew up in the same church but she never looked at him as a potential love interest until one day they had a conversation unlike any […]

https://youtu.be/rO65dzPTldI Spirit is a therapist who has been credited with saving and creating relationships and helping folks get their lives together. She says over the course of her career she has learned that “media magnifies the message.” She is glad to say that she has been blessed to do what she does not only in the […]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQP09tIqEhY&feature=youtu.be The Willie Moore Jr. Show supports St. Jude Children’s Research hospital and you can too! You can become a partner in hope today and help support research for diseases like cancer, sickle cell and other life threatening diseases. Call 1-800-411-9898 or text WILLIE to 626262! As a thank you, St. Jude will send you […]

A bill was passed Tuesday in Oklahoma’s House of Representatives that puts the state one step closer to adding the national motto “In God We Trust” to more than 300 state buildings. The Oklahoma House voted to support House Bill 3817, with a final tally of 76 yeas, and 20 nays, with 4 legislators excused. Authored […]

An Alabama pastor who fatally shot himself after shooting his estranged wife at a local church struggled desperately with mental illness, his sister claimed. On Sunday, Unice Woodard, owner of Alabama’s famous Big White Wings and twin sister of the late Elder Ulysses Woodard, who led the True Word of Deliverance Church of God in Prichard, revealed in […]

Stellar Award winning gospel artist, Todd Dulaney is back with brand new music. The new album, titled Back To The Book is now available on all major digital platforms. The album was inspired by the written word of God. Dulaney leads listeners back to the scriptures for hope, comfort, answers, instructions, and everything to live […]

https://www.instagram.com/p/B8KrrSNHx7n/ One thing Willie found himself doing a lot of in recent years is traveling and seeking God’s voice to pour into others, maybe even neglecting himself in the process. This year he’s doing things differently, meaning that his praise, and worship will be personal. And of course if it helps someone else that’s wonderful, […]