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Well, if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle Black – literally.

A conservative conference that has embraced Donald Trump and his racism announced Monday that it has disinvited a Black speaker from addressing attendees because he has “has expressed reprehensible views.”


CPAC — the Conservative Political Action Conference — didn’t mention Young Pharaoh as the person it has disinvited from speaking at its annual gathering. However, Young Pharaoh was identified as the apparent culprit whose hatred wasn’t allowed from being spewed at a conference that otherwise embraces it.

To be sure, Young Pharoah has been widely recognized as being anti-Semitic. Still, somehow, CPAC managed to schedule him to participate in the conference … before rescinding the invitation.

Ah, but never mind the details.

Young Pharoah’s Twitter feed is indeed replete with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, such as the one Monday afternoon inexplicably questioning whether Judaism is valid.

He responded to CPAC rescinding its invitation and called it “censorship at its best.”

According to Eric Hanonoki, a reporter for Media Matters, “Young Pharaoh is also a QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist” who has additionally peddled lies about George Floyd.

As reprehensible as that is, though, CPAC has upheld its invitation to Trump to speak at the same conference that runs from Thursday through Sunday in Orlando. Trump, as some might remember, not only incited a deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol based on the lie of election fraud, but he also called on his white supremacist followers to carry out the violence. While a partisan panel of Senators disagreed with that premise, House Impeachment Managers were able to establish that truth in their prosecution of the former president.

But that’s just a nice way to say that Trump is an unabashed racist whose views about and actions toward Black people, in particular, are right on par with how Young Pharoah feels about the Jewish faith. In fact, Young Pharoah appears to have been alive for less amount of time than Trump’s ongoing reign of racism dating back to the 1970s.

To put things in their proper perspective, CPAC has even featured Candace Owens to speak at its conference. Yes, the same Candace Owens who once said “Hitler wanted to make Germany great.” Curiously enough, despite pushing that clear and obvious anti-Semitic conspiracy theory — one that all but got her censured on the House floor when California Rep. Ted Lieu played an audio recording of that speech during a House Judiciary Committee on white nationalism and hate crimes — she was still a featured speaker at CPAC one year after she uttered those ignorant, tasteless and offensive words.

Hell, even the Republican National Convention knew better than to invite Candace Owens to speak last summer.

A look at the speakers taking part in CPAC 2021 is a veritable laundry list of hatefulness personified, with or without Young Pharoah.

This is not to make a case for Young Pharoah’s inclusion at CPAC. But he was obviously selected for a reason. Now the conference is trying to save its hateful face while using a Black person as its disingenuous punching bag.

This is America.

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