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Black people have gone through a series of injustices, whether it be getting turned away from jobs because of something as simple as skin color or, when it comes to our women specifically, being put at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole when it comes to dating. However, no one should feel discriminated against when it comes to your home.

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Unfortunately, a Black homeowner in Indianapolis had to experience just that after her home was undervalued during her first two appraisals, only to have it doubled during the third appraisal once she got a white friend to stand in her place.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Carlette Duffy officially filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development against the appraisers and mortgage lenders that took part in undervaluing her home. So here’s how the appraisal process went for Duffy: the home in Indiana’s Flanner House Homes neighborhood was first appraised for $125,000 in March 2020. That price then dropped to $110,000 after a second appraisal in April 2020, causing concern for Duffy after similar reports regarding race discrimination and housing in the area came to her attention. After doing a third appraisal in October and November 2020, this time not declaring her race or gender and having the white husband of a friend act as her brother for the home visit, the price skyrocketed to $259,000.

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Sure, it can be argued that the white friend’s husband might’ve just put his best foot forward and simply “won” over housing officials during that particular appraisal visit. We can all agree that’s not the case here, and that Carlette Duffy definitely deserves justice. Hopefully she gets that now that the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana is involved in the in the investigation.

See the stats below, and sound off with your thoughts on how you think this should play out:


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