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The new generation of cancel culture has almost divided us on a social level, with half the world ready to demolish any and all entities that go against us reaching a PG-rated utopia and the other side wishing we could go back to the days of ’90s Jerry Springer where chants like, “Whore! Whore! Whore!”  from the audience would get the show renewed for another three seasons as opposed to getting taken off the air.

However, even if the new cancel culture generation doesn’t have you on their side, at least they have former President of the United States, Barack Obama, as one of their biggest allies.

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Baby Boomer Barack had a recent sit-down with CNN’s Gen-X’er Anderson Cooper, where they discussed a variety of topics before jumping into the state of cancel culture. While O definitely acknowledges the dangers of, as he eloquently put it, “condemning people all the time,” he had to give props where they were due for the mass of young people that are quick to call out organizations for any acts of cruelty.

He credits conversations with daughters Sasha and Malia for his young frame of mind, saying they too will acknowledge that some of their peers can go “overboard” with the activism but their main goal ultimately is to call out discrimination and raise awareness.


Obama even credits the kids of cancel culture with his positive outlook for the future, referring to them as “a great source of my optimism,” and giving even more clarity to his statement by adding, “when people talk about how do I think about my legacy, part of it is the kids who were raised during the eight years I was President.”

TMZ was quick to note that the O Man was against cancel culture back in 2019, referring to it as “woke” culture that doesn’t equate to activism. Glad to see he’s a man that’s willing to, you know, change!

See what the ladies of The View had to say about Barack Obama’s interview with Anderson Cooper for CNN News on the topic of cancel culture below:



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