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You don’t need advice from a love doctor like Hitch to know that it takes more than a few “I love you’s” to keep a marriage in tact. What you do need to know is that one of the key factors to marital bliss is where you choose to settle down and call your destination of dwelling.

The good people over at LawnStarter put together a helpful list of the best cities to both get and stay married based off 11 key indicators compared throughout the 150 biggest U.S. cities.


A few of the factors used to conduct this survey include rate of married households, the five-year change in both divorce and separation, the rate of young people who never married, wedding venues for every 100,000 residents and even event planner availability for every 100,000 residents. By looking at these specifics, it’s believed that you and your spouse can find not only the best place to settle down but also how to surround yourself with other similar married couples or an area that matches  mutual likes.

Take a look at the list of 2021’s best cities for marriage success below:

1. Fremont, CA

2. Jersey City, NJ

3. Glendale, CA

4. Arlington, VA

5. Santa Ana, CA

6. Oakland, CA

7. Honolulu, HI

8. Santa Clarita, CA

9. Washington, DC

10. San Francisco, CA

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Of course, on a list of 150 there had to a “bottom 10” on the list, which pretty much equates to the “worst” cities for marital success. In short, you might want to consider some couple’s counseling if you live in Des Moines, IA (#141), Mobile, AL (#142), Columbus, GA (#143), Montgomery, AL (#144), Cleveland, OH (#145), Akron, OH (#146), Detroit, MI (#147), Sunrise Manor, NV (#148), Toledo, OH (#149), and most definitely Worcester, MA (#150!).

Click here for the full list of criteria that went into determining the best cities to get (and stay!) married in 2021. Happy hunting!


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