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There have been countless spoofs and parodies of the Trump administration in the last few months, but no one is doing a better job of it than the comedic pros at Saturday Night Live. Whether it’s Alec Baldwin as Trump himself, Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway or the newly unveiled Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, SNL is absolutely killing it every week with spot-on skits that showcase just how ridiculous things have been since the November election. Well now, Octavia Spencer is set to host next month and it will be interesting to see if she gets in on the fun as well.

Shadow and Act is reporting that Hidden Figures actress and 2017 Academy Award nominee, Octavia Spencer will host SNL on March 4. This will be her very first time hosting the long-running sketch show, so the possibilities are endless as to what she could do. She has a natural way of stealing a scene and being really funny, so here’s hoping that they have some outrageous skits to feature her skills.

The news of Spencer hosting was revealed during the February 11 show on the official Saturday Night Live Twitter account. There is wonder as to who she will play within the Trump administration storyline, safe bets could be current Trump cabinet member Ben Carson, which would provide Spencer will tons of material to make fun of.

You can check out Saturday Night Live’s announcement BELOW:


We definitely can’t wait to see what Octavia Spencer cooks up, as it’s guaranteed to be memorable and pretty funny.


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