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The new sequel to ‘Space Jam’ is out and has become a smash hit with moviegoers, but not everyone is a fan of the movie.

Joe Pytka, the director behind the original ‘Jam’ back in 1996 with NBA legend Michael Jordan as the star, gave his thoughts on ‘A New Legacy,’ which this time stars current NBA GOAT LeBron James, which was directed by Malcolm D. Lee.


So what did Pytka, 82, think of the sequel?  According to TMZ, he thought it was “boring” and “an uninteresting mess.”

From Complex:

“The truth is that LeBron ain’t Michael,” Pytka said, adding that MJ was one of if not the biggest celebrity in the world when Space Jam debuted. He also suggested that there’s no connection to LeBron’s personal life, whereas the original touched upon Jordan’s brief pivot to the world of baseball.

He had more to say after singing James’ praises as a “good actor” and great athlete:

He also claimed that the new soundtrack doesn’t match up to the original, dubbing it “insignificant,” and that the supporting cast of Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues, Shawn Bradley, and Bill Murray was far more memorable than the supporting cast in A New Legacy. Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard were among the new supporting players in the standalone sequel, and Pytka remarked that he couldn’t remember a single thing they did during the two-hour runtime.

Pytka did not care for the new animation on Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes characters.

Despite those opinions, the new ‘Jam’ overcame a lot of bad reviews to top the box office last weekend.

Yet, the two ‘Jam’ will only further encourage the Jordan vs. James debate, which is pretty much exhausted at this point.


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Article Courtesy of TMZ and Complex

First and Second Picture Courtesy of Evan Agostini and Getty Images

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